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Rod Petrie

Rod Petrie

As a Brand Creative Director, coaching people was the next level in his career because at the heart of our industry are people, and like brands, it’s about helping people to understand and communicate their own unique story to achieve the outcomes they want.

The most successful brands and people tell the best stories but we can all get blocks along the way and need those focused conversations that facilitate learning and raise performances levels.

He will help you to understand your story, your offer, the powerful questions and the framework to answer those questions. He has a life-time of know-how working in the creative industry with people at all levels so he knows what to do to help you communicate your story with greater clarity and focus.

Rod believes that the context for coaching and mentoring today is ‘creating the space’ to truly create shifts to transform people’s performance and behaviour:

“It is this ‘space’ which the coachee and mentee truly respect as ‘their space’ and they know that I am in there genuinely to help them achieve success.”

Areas of expertise

People: Coaching Mentoring

Experience in the design industry

Design industry experience: +20 years

Rod started out in 1971 as a junior designer before design was considered as a serious career path. During that time he had had two jobs, the first with Allied International Designers where he became the first practicing designer to be on the board of the first publicly quoted design consultancy and then as Founding Partner and Creative Director of Design Bridge.

The buzz for Rod was creating and building teams and he had a real understanding of what makes the suits, the t-shirts and clients tick.

Rod has worked across most design disciplines and been involved in the creation and development of some of the world’s biggest brands.

Rod never however saw himself as a Creative Director in the traditional sense of the word but as a coach for creative thinkers. He has now re-invented himself and has taken his industry experience and learning into the creative community as a coach and applied it to people who want to achieve success and the results they want.


“Our raw materials are our people. Good ones are in short supply. Rod Petrie helps turn them into great ones.”
Sir John Hagarty, Co Founder of BBH

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