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Essential guidance, templates, insight and tools to support you on all aspects of the business of design. From contracts to client opinion, legal updates to exporting support, our resources give you instant access to expert advice and tools to help solve a wide range of business challenges.

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Website standard terms of use

This document contains guidance and suggested clauses to be used to form part of your website terms of use and addresses a number of issues such as intellectual property, cookies, virus disclaimer, unauthorised use etc.
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Retainer agreement

A short form retainer agreement which addresses some of the issues that need to be considered when entering a retainer arrangement with a client.
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Retention of title clause

A retention of title clause essentially seeks to provide that title to the goods/services (and/or the interest that is passing in the intellectual property rights therein) is retained by the seller until the seller has received full payment. This document provides a short retention of title clause and is accompanied by a drafting note.
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Confidentiality agreement

A short form confidentiality agreement to be used when revealing confidential information in discussions with third parties prior to engagement.
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Guidance notes on email/text message marketing and cookies

Guidance on the regulations governing marketing messages sent by electronic mail and unsolicited direct marketing activity, along with advice on users consent to the use of cookies.
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Email notices and information which must be contained on websites and business communications

Information about what must be included on your website and business communications and recommendations for practical email notices.
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Data protection – guidance note

The Data Protection Act controls how individuals' personal information is used and provides strict rules which must be followed by anyone responsible for using that data. This useful guide outlines the details.
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Agency and customer intellectual property: how to achieve harmony

Joanna Frears from Blandy & Blandy Solicitors gives top ten tips on how to keep your customer happy by meeting their demands, whilst ensuring you don't forfeit your creative endeavour.
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The free pitching debate

Free / speculative / creative pitching - whatever you want to call it, it amounts to the same thing – doing free unpaid creative work in order to impress a client to win a job. This guide explains why a “free pitch” request is something that should be pushed back against. Not necessarily because it is bad for the agency (although it certainly is) but because it is not an effective way for clients to source the best agency for their needs.

New business & client relations

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FAQ: Redundancy

We’ve compiled a range of frequently asked HR related questions. The questions are based on real life examples but are not actual cases. Answers are provided for guidance only and should not be regarded as an authoritative statement of the law, which can only be made by reference to the particular circumstances which apply.