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Essential guidance, templates, insight and tools to support you on all aspects of the business of design. From contracts to client opinion, legal updates to exporting support, our resources give you instant access to expert advice and tools to help solve a wide range of business challenges.

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FAQ: Recruitment

We’ve compiled a range of frequently asked HR related questions. The questions are based on real life examples but are not actual cases. Answers are provided for guidance only and should not be regarded as an authoritative statement of the law, which can only be made by reference to the particular circumstances which apply.
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Formal request for information under TUPE

A detailed rundown of all the information to be requested under TUPE in relation to employment.
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Due diligence information request for TUPE

This checklist should be completed by both parties in the TUPE process as part of due diligence.
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TUPE – further detailed guidance

Further detailed guidance notes to help manage the transfer of undertaking situations under TUPE.
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Transfer of undertakings TUPE guide

This manager / business owner briefing sets out what you need to know about TUPE, how you can ensure you comply with your employer duties and can help you to manage the transfer.
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Redundancy policy example

Redundancy is occasionally inevitable – having a policy in place like this example, will help you set out your business’ approach to dealing with redundancies.
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Redundancy checklist

This manager / business owner briefing sets out practical actions for successfully handling redundancies.
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Redundancy process tips

Practical actions for successfully handling redundancies.
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Exit interview – template and process guide

Many organisations use exit interviews or questionnaires, such as this example, and find that these are useful in improving practice and planning for the future.
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Letter giving first written warning for misconduct or capability

This is a template of a letter that could be adapted for use following the decision of a disciplinary/capability hearing to issue a formal written warning.