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Whether junior designer or design leader, account handler or MD everyone benefits from fresh perspective, knowledge-share, new insights and debate.

Our events and training courses are renowned within the industry for their quality, relevance and proven capability to boost the confidence and performance of individuals and teams.

From lively networking events to skills development workshops, from in-depth business growth programmes to stimulating round-tables, our extensive range of events and training has something to offer every member of your team, across all roles and levels within your business.

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In-house training

Bring our leading design industry specific workshops to your office. You can save on travel costs, time and course fees when our expert trainers come to you and your team.

All of our workshops are available to be delivered in-house and they can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your team and your business. Fees cover all course materials, couriers and tutor fees. You just need to provide the space for the workshop to take place, catering and AV equipment.

Benefits of in-house training:

  • Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of bringing our highly regarded training courses to you. 
  • Provide a learning experience for your team which is specific to your organisation and to the needs of your business. 
  • Choose from our standard courses listed below, or chat to us about tailoring a course to your needs or creating a bespoke course. 
  • Reduce time out of the office and bring the trainer to your business. 
  • Take advantage of our in-house training discounts to save money. 

Contact us to discuss the options available on 020 7251 9229 or email

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Expert project management skills

Successful project management is essential in the design industry. It helps to give structure to high-pressure environments, ensures your team are working to their optimum capacity, and makes sure every hour is well spent. Design industry expert Jan Casey will share practical guidance to help you become a skilled project manager in this half-day workshop.

Core business skills

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Managing your time

Not enough hours in the day? Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? When you’re juggling multiple projects and billing time to clients, every minute in the office counts. Creative industry expert Jenny McConnell will help you regain control of your time and give you the tools to replace ‘busy-ness’ with productivity.

Core business skills

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What clients want

Crack the code and learn how to see design from the client’s perspective. At this half-day workshop with industry expert Jan Casey, you’ll discover what clients really expect from a design consultancy when it comes to meetings, relationships and general working practices.

Client relationships

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Managing design agencies and teams

Learn to become the driving force in your agency relationships at this interactive full day workshop, where design management expert Jan Casey will show you how to build on the theory and your on-the-job experience. You’ll be able to get exactly what you need from your agencies every time.

Working with design agencies

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From management to leadership

Successfully stepping into a leadership role requires an advanced level of personal awareness and direction. Everyone has their own style of leadership, but how can you ensure you're on the right track to meet all the expectations? Propel your career forward by developing your leadership qualities and join industry leader and DBA Expert Heli Heartland for this high-impact half-day workshop.

People management and leadership

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Making the most of what you own

Every company in the UK has under-utilised intellectual assets sitting in various places in their businesses, not to mention the assets and intellectual property they might be giving away for free. And the design industry is no exception. This half-day workshop with Erica Wolfe-Murray, DBA Expert and Founder of Lola Media, will take you deeper into IP and making the most of what you own.

IP and understanding the law

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Transform and grow your creative business

Business growth is inextricably linked to change. Stand still for too long, and the activities that were working for you in the past may have moved on. Attend this half-day workshop with DBA Expert and brand experience specialist Ralph Ardill to understand how to successfully transform and grow your business.

Business development and new business

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Managing projects efficiently

How can you make sure you meet all your deadlines, stay within budget and, most importantly, keep clients happy? The ability to manage a variety of different projects is key in the design industry. Join design industry expert Lorna Dallas-Conte to learn how to prioritise conflicting demands using a 5-step framework for effective project management.

Core business skills

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Influencing at board level

To successfully position your agency’s design capabilities to clients in the ‘C-suite’ you need to be able to articulate the value of design by using language that the boardroom will understand and respect. At this half-day workshop, business transformation and DBA expert Ralph Ardill will share his extensive experience in this area, to raise your confidence and ability to hold authoritative and impactful conversations at board level.

Client relationships

speak communication talk conversation

Effective communication: the fundamentals

Whether you’re talking to colleagues, team members, your boss or a client, you need to be able to get your point of view across confidently, and get the outcomes you need to work effectively. Understand how to instinctively use the right approach in different settings and gain renewed confidence in your communication skills with specialist Wendy Smith.

Communications skills


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