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Adapting, learning and leading change: design in 2020 | DBA webinar

Recent memory has been full of unexpected and eventful twists and turns, but a global pandemic in our modern world has provided an experience unlike anything society has had to respond and adapt to before. As an industry, design has answered and engaged with a customary proactivity that has revealed a willingness to make the best out of the bad and turn adversity into change…for the good of society, our own businesses, and the wellbeing of our clients and colleagues.

With many months now under our belt, what have we learnt, as an industry and as individuals? How have things changed? What achievements should we proudly push forward and where are we heading as we journey through the bigger picture of this pandemic as a moment in time?

During this explorative Q&A webinar, we will be joined by a panel of industry leaders from a range of backgrounds who will share their experiences, offer their perspectives and grapple with the bigger questions that will inform our collective thinking right now.

Join us and be part of the conversation on Thursday 22 October, 3.00-4.30pm, including plenty of time for audience questions. Register here.

Our panel

tim-greenhalghTim Greenhalgh, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of the brand and retail consultancy FITCH, working across a range of sectors from fashion & beauty, to automotive, to home & lifestyle, with 15 studios across 9 countries.


melinda-darbyshire-picMelinda Darbyshire, Managing Director of the product, UX and industrial design agency tangerine, working in the consumer product, transportation, retail and hospitality sectors and based in the UK, South Korea and Brazil.


jonathan-sands-picJonathan Sands, Owner & Vexillifer of the brand and packaging agency Elmwood, working across a long list of sectors including FMCG, B2B, government, sport and media and with studios around the world.



Deborah Dawton is CEO of the DBA, the UK design industry’s trade association, responsible for supporting and galvanising the sector, enabling the full commercial, strategic and economic potential of design to be realised throughout business and government.



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