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Design Leadership Ignited: a way to strategic impact | DBA webinar

Design has the power to transform businesses; to drive success, create value and have a lasting impact. Incorporate design beyond aesthetics and it can uncover new ways of working, an approach to problem solving with the customer at the heart of the solution and the delivery of the best products. So why are we still seeing design being used as a tactic in so many organisations?

For design to flourish and thrive in a business, it requires exceptional design leadership. The creation of an environment where designers are empowered to reach their full potential, and where design is used to drive transformation, needs to be nurtured. Collaboration is paramount, between agencies and clients, between different functions in business; for design to flourish at the level where it can have the most impact, design needs to work alongside other expertise to deliver success.

Join us for an hour online at 3pm (BST) on 19 May when we’ll be joined by former Chief Brand and Design Officer at 3M, Eric Quint. Exploring the findings from his latest book, Design Leadership Ignited, in conversation with Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive at the DBA, Eric will share his unique perspective on how designers can lead the way to getting design integrated at a strategic level in business.

Eric will share insights into how designers can articulate the impact and the value of their work in a universal language that can be understood across the board to enable a collaborative approach to transforming businesses. He’ll discuss the role of external consultancies and in-house design teams in making the case for the use of design at a strategic level and how this collaboration can lead to further innovation and competitive advantage by design. Join us for a fresh look at what design can achieve and be inspired to come together to push design up the agenda in business.

Registrants will also receive an exclusive 20% discount on Eric’s book Design Leadership Ignited Elevating Design at Scale by Eric Quint, Gerda Gemser, Giulia Calabretta – details will be in your confirmation email.  

Sign up here and join us live from 3.00pm (BST) on Thursday 19 May.


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