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Where now? Five pointers for strategic reflection

Thinking and working strategically is always important; it’s something you do for your clients regularly. Although it may feel counter-intuitive in a time of crisis, when you’re working harder and in new ways, managing unplanned change in both your business and your clients’, there’s never been a more important time to hold up that same mirror to your own business and reflect on where you are heading.

In this one hour webinar, industry expert Michael Thomson, Design Connect, will take you through a clear strategic framework for ensuring that you can truly understand the path you’re now on and are able to control that journey by harnessing the power of conscious, strategic change.

Reserve your place here and join us this Friday, 12.30-1.30pm for an hour to step back and reflect on where you are now and what you are becoming.

Michael will take you through five diagrams for strategic reflection::

  • Purpose – how might an uncertain future be confronted with a strong purpose?
  • Narrative – can you define this moment rather than having it define you?
  • Alignment – are your people, your messages and behaviour all working towards the same goal?
  • Maturity – what stage of the journey is your business at and how might you evolve your culture to get where you need to go?
  • Learning – with the pandemic forcing the future in a way which means we can’t cling to the past, how can we become more adaptive and resilient?

We recommend that you set aside an additional half hour after the webinar to reflect on what you have heard.

Limited to 500 registrations, avoid disappointment and register here.

Please note that after 30 May you will have to upgrade to Zoom 5.0 to join meetings. Why not upgrade now? Follow this link to get started.

About Michael Thomson


Michael Thomson is an independent, design-trained design strategist and facilitator with over twenty years’ experience helping design businesses and design-led organisations around the world evolve their visions and strategies for growth.

Establishing Design Connect in London in 1995, Michael’s international client list includes some of the UK’s and Europe’s leading design agencies and global corporates in the UK, the US and Asia. Michael recently worked together with an agency in Luxembourg on the development of the brand strategy and core messaging for the Luxembourg Space Agency.

An expert in design policy, Michael has introduced strategic policy developments working in partnership with key influencers in Austria, China, Iceland, South Africa and Flanders as well as for the European Commission. Recent keynote presentations on design as strategy, include the China Association of Design Management conference in Hangzhou and the Design in Business Week in Poland.


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