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Darrell Stuart-Smith

Darrell Stuart-Smith

Darrell has spent a considerable amount of time with small and large businesses working in this sector learning about how they run their business and the process by which they provide their services to clients.

He understands the need for there to be the correct balance when finding fair solutions between client and designer whatever the field of operation – graphic, structural, digital etc.

Darrell believes that it is important to work with clients to help them understand the legal framework in which they have to make their business decisions whilst maintaining good working relation with their clients. He prides himself on delivering professional, affordable and practical advise on all aspects of a design business.

Areas of expertise

People: Client/consultancy contracts Terms & conditions
Legal & ethical: Intellectual property rights Trademarks Health & safety Client/consultancy contracts Terms & conditions

Experience in the design industry

Design industry experience: 20+ years

Professional affiliations

Law Society (LSoc)

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