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Heli Heartland

Heli provides practical leadership advisory and training to leaders and teams who want to significantly increase their personal and commercial impact within their business, the industry and beyond.

Her speciality is aligning business strategy and employee ambitions in delivering high-impact leadership and performance strategy, coaching and training. She has laser-sharp intuition and a track record of creating tangible shifts in leadership behaviour and impact.

Heli is quick to build trust and rapport with all levels of seniority, across creative and operational roles and with any mix of personalities.  She has 20+ years leadership experience from client-side and agencies ranging from branding to innovation and digital marketing. Her current clients include established agencies and start-ups, and she understands the typical internal agency politics as well as the best-friends-become-co-founders challenges.

Heli’s is exceptionally skilled in pulling people outside their comfort zones to experiment with a new perspective or behaviour, either individually or as a team. She uses each person’s existing strengths and personality to help them apply leadership behaviours and skills with a style unique to them.

Areas of expertise

People  Appraisal Systems • Staff Development  & Training Plan • Coaching • Training
Business Processes Business Strategy & Planning
Marketing  Client Retention & Development 

Experience in the design industry

Design industry experience: 20+ years

Heli can offer a range of business leadership expertise:

  • Moving from Management to Leadership
  • Leadership/Management/Project Team dynamics
  • Learning & Development strategy
  • Hiring and growing Leadership Potential
  • People Strategy and Succession Planning 


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