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James Selby Bennett

James Selby Bennett

James has been the DBA solicitor for over 15 years and used to giving practical and user friendly commercial legal advice to design consultancies in relation to all aspects of the Design Business including intellectual property law, artistic law, contract law, international law, competition law and employment law.

Areas of expertise

Financial planning: Mergers & acquisitions
Legal and ethical: Intellectual property rights Trademarks Health & safety Client/consultancy contacts Terms & conditions
People: Human resource management Employment contracts/handbook
Business processes: Business strategy & planning Business diagnostics


Experience in the design industry

Design industry experience: 20+ years

I have been the DBA Solicitor for over 15 years and Solicitor to International design Consultancy for over 25 years.

Professional affiliations

  • Law Society (LSoc)
  • HK Network of International Lawyers

Case studies

1. International Bank refused Trademark as commonplace.
Sued – won!

2. Refuse Bag Designer had design plagiarized by a large supermarket chain.
Registered Trademark in a different country. Back registered trademark through WIPO into the Banks original jurisdiction.

3. Japanese Company plagiarized clients design.
Used our Japanese Co-respondents. Caused the Japanese company to back down and to agree not to copy in the future.

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