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Gary Baxter

Lightbox Consulting is a financial management consultancy specializing in creative companies. We offer practical management advice and avoid financial jargon. Our clients cover a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to long established design groups.


Areas of expertise

Financial planning: Performance & efficiency Funding System accounting Financial management and budgeting

Experience in the design industry

Design industry experience: 24 years

Gary Baxter has worked with design consultancies since 1984, firstly as an external auditor and tax consultant, followed by eight years as Finance director of The Partners, and now more than ten years as an independent consultant, advising design businesses from start-ups to mature businesses.

Professional affiliations


Our work falls into four main categories:

1. Health Check 

Review of financial performance, team evaluation and benchmarking against peer group.

2. Financial Reporting

Review of accounting and project management systems, and introduction of clear financial planning and reporting techniques.

3. Financial Management

Monthly or quarterly involvement, including attendance at management meetings and preparation of financial information analysis of actual performance against budgets.

4. Business Planning

Management aspiration analysis and evaluation, client perception audits, and preparation of three-five year financial plan.

Case studies

Led financial direction of The Partners during growth from 14 people to 60 over eight years.

Financial management consultant to:

  • Hat-trick (10 years)
  • NB studios (5 years)
  • 300 Million (3 years)
  • Together (3 years)
  • Endpoint (3 years)

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