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Jeremy Pennant

Jeremy Pennant

Jeremy is a Registered Trade Mark Attorney, Design Attorney and Litigator with over 25 years’ experience. He advises a range of clients from small entrepreneurial start ups to multinational businesses on a comprehensive range of issues relating to product design, packaging, branding and copyright.

He has extensive experience in many sectors including food and beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, hotels and restaurants, boats, charities, pharma and medical equipment, aviation, courier services, film, television, music, sports teams and vehicle manufacturers.

Jeremy has extensive knowledge and experience in advising on the protection and enforcement of design rights. He regularly helps businesses to devise strong rights for their product design and packaging.

He was also one of the original independent experts appointed by Nominet to adjudicate on domain name disputes in the UK.

Areas of expertise

Legal and ethical: Intellectual property rights Trademarks

Experience in the design industry

Design industry experience: +20 years

Jeremy acts for many design agencies, advising them and their clients on a range of branding, copyright and trade mark issues. By working directly with design agencies, Jeremy has developed deep insights into the issues of those operating in this highly creative, but competitive market. Jeremy has spent a considerable about of time educating those in the design industry on how to protect their IP rights, which are often ignored or overlooked, to their determent.

Professional affiliations

  • Fellow of Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA) and member of council of ITMA 1992-2000
  • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
  • European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA). International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • Director of Pamia Limited, the UK patent and trade mark attorney profession’s mutual insurer
How to protect your IP assets?

Can you be confident that your completed design presents the client with an asset that they can utilize freely in a competitive marketplace? What steps can be taken, from the very start, to stop competitors challenging the end result of the creative process further down the line?

Clearance search

A ‘knock-out’ search to check that a proposed logo, brand visual or design is not identical or closely identical to a competitor’s trade mark, for example, is critical at the early stages of concept work.

As concepts develop, a full search by an experienced IP specialist may be appropriate. We can also advise on trade mark registration procedures and help select a suitable trade mark.

Brand reputation

When a project nears completion, we are able to help stop competitors damaging your client’s new identity and brand reputation with the provision of IP protection, tailored to their individual needs and budget.

Our services include:

  • Trade mark registrations
  • Domain registrations
  • Watching services
  • Domain name disputes and ‘cybersquatters’
  • Providing infringement advice
  • Dispute resolution and litigation

And of course, as well as considering your clients, the big question is, have you protected your own business, your name and your reputation?

Why we are the right people to help?

This is what we do every day, and have been doing for over 120 years. Our specialist teams provide guidance on using IP rights efficiently and effectively to businesses from the UK, Europe, America, Asia and around the world.

We are proud to represent over 25% of the top 50 global brands. We advise on a diverse range of goods and services, and are highly regarded for our work in the fashion industry, rock and pop groups, food products, beverages and chemicals.

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