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Roberta Ronsivalle Pearce

Roberta has a 20-year international experience working with leaders, teams, brands and cultures, to keep them authentic, relevant and purposeful. She uniquely blends strategic thinking, coaching and applied positive psychology to facilitate change at the individual and collective level. She is a certified leadership, team coach and cultural consultant. Supporting leaders in designing human centric organisations is at the core of her work—to make a lasting impact within and without.

Roberta knows the unique challenges that leading a creative business presents as she owned and ran a successful award winning design agency for 13 years in NYC.

Her practice focuses on the ongoing strategic alignment of leadership, team and culture – to make sure that all parts within the whole organisation thrive.

Through leadership, team coaching and training she helps develop human-centred practices that foster creativity, collaboration and productivity.


Areas of expertise

People: Staff Development • Coaching • Mentoring • Training • Mediation • HR Management • Appraisal Systems •
Design Management: Brand strategy & planning • Facilitation


Experience in the design industry

Design industry experience: 20+ years

Before establishing Ronsivalle Pearce, Roberta led an award-winning branding design firm in New York as Head of Strategy and Managing Partner. She worked internationally with amazing individuals, creating compelling strategies to drive transformation of their brands and organisations, helping to grow the business from 5 to 30 people in under three years.


Professional affiliations

  • Design Management Institute (DMI)
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
  • Certified Leadership & Team Coach



"Working with Roberta has brought about a sea change in the way with which my business operates as well as how it neatly slots into my life around it. By studying the business' inner workings and subsequently helping me to create appropriate and aspirational targets both with work and life, Roberta’s business and life experience, combined with her personable approach, has proved incredibly helpful in triggering the growth and on-going success of the business, as well as a stronger sense of direction for me on a personal level. The two are inextricably linked for me, so to have the benefit of both the coaching and the consulting has proved especially useful. "

Arran Scott-Lidgett, Principal, Everything In Between, London

"Roberta is a potent and insightful coach for creative leaders. In our work together, Roberta has drawn from both her knowledge of the branding industry and her training in positive psychology to help me align my business and personal goals, in deeply meaningful ways. She has also provided expert, compassionate guidance. It’s been invaluable to a have a coach who can work elegantly with intuition as well as senior level strategy. "

Patricia Garcia-Gomez, Partner, Plaid, NYC

"For the repositioning of our Japanese brand in the US, Roberta worked very closely with both our teams in Japan and USA. Her research included thorough interviews to our leadership team members and many of our employees. Those interviews, her research, and workshops, have proven to be instrumental to bring awareness into the core of our company, as well as the cultural differences among the two teams. Her commitment, unique psychological approach, and strategic insight throughout the entire process were reassuring. She gained a deep understanding of our strengths and identified strategic opportunities; she helped us to reconcile differences while building consensus. We rediscovered a common purpose: The very essence of our company. Thanks to her, our executive team has become stronger than ever. It was a pleasure working with her, and we greatly appreciated her knowledge, talent, and dedication. "

Alan Sasayama, Managing Director, Plan Do See USA, Tokyo & NYC

"Roberta is a unique thinker. A strategist who elegantly combines practical concepts with a deeply sensitive understanding of people, psychology and the human condition. Roberta knows how to get in the "grey area" of the mind and identify solutions that are distinctively relevant and have a heart. She is not just an exceptional professional but also an exceptional human being and a joy to work with. "

Leah Caplan, Design Consultant, New York

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