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Effective communication: the power of listening

Are you really tuned in when it matters? Listening is a crucial communication skill, but it requires some effort to master.

Research suggests that we only remember 25%-50% of what we hear, so what important information could you be letting slip through the net?

Boost this figure by improving your listening skills and you’ll improve all aspects of your work and personal life, and become a truly effective communicator.

At this workshop, developed specifically for the design industry, business coach Philip Mann will explore this essential area of communication in depth. You’ll find out how active listening will enable you to maintain and build better client relationships, work better in a team and boost your management skills.

This workshop will cover:
  • Why you need to focus on listening.
  • What changes in technology and education mean for the listening environment.
  • What to listen for and listening to really understand.
  • Listening versus hearing: how to avoid unconscious assumptions and being sidetracked by your own thought process.
  • How active listening can help you – reduce misunderstandings and have better, more efficient conversations.
  • 10 tips to improve your listening skills.
  • 5 useful tools to put listening into practice.
You’ll walk away with the knowledge and skills to:
  • Really understand what is being said by others.
  • Input more valuable observations and opinions.
  • Improve the quality of your meetings – internal and with clients.
  • Manage your team better, and take their ideas on board.
  • Improve your overall effectiveness at work.
  • Increase your personal effusiveness.

This workshop will include several break-out exercises to put your new skills to the test. Meet your peers and put your questions to our expert speaker directly.


About: Philip Mann

Philip has been working for design and marketing agencies for over 30 years. As a creative thinker, businessman and a catalyst for change, Philip helps groups of people get to great ideas. Philip is positive in everything he does, is energetic, a good listener, and is open-minded and approachable. Philip finds business coaching incredibly stimulating, and likes to share what he’s learnt to help others develop their own ideas, businesses and careers.


Available as an in-house session for a group of 6 or more. Prices per person:

  • Standard rate £380+vat (£456)
  • DBA members £245+vat (£294)

We are able to offer the following discount structure to the standard ticket price, based on the numbers attending the session:

  • 8-10 people – 5% discount
  • 11+ people – 10% discount

To discuss availability, please contact us at or call 020 7251 9229.

All DBA events and training courses are subject to standard terms and conditions which can be read in full here.

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