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Your design work and intellectual property

Are you charging enough for your design work?

The work you create as a design agency belongs to you. If you sign the Intellectual Property (IP) rights over to the client when you deliver the work, then you need to make sure that this is reflected in the fees that you charge for it.

Keeping hold of the IP means there’s more potential for you to continue working with the client on that project in the future, and see the design’s true value realised.

At this practical and interactive workshop with IP Expert, Keith Arrowsmith, you’ll discover what the recent changes to IP law mean for you and your business. Find out how, by understanding the power of your IP, you can negotiate higher fees, command respect and build long-lasting mutually beneficial client relationships.

Managing IP in a commercial context

An overview of the transactions you can make when it comes to IP, and how you can embed price flexibility into your commercial practices. You’ll gain an understanding of the IP that you own, and what this means for your clients’ businesses.

Discussions with clients

We’ll cover how to have the discussion with clients about IP, when to bring it up and how to approach it. We’ll look at when you need to set out IP provisions early, when you should leave IP out of discussions altogther and how to cope with changes in scope.

What to look out for in contracts

We’ll look at the terms and phrases that you need to look out for in a contract before you sign, to protect your IP. We’ll also explore how to deal with difficult situations and tough terms and conditions.

How to embed IP processes at your business

Find out what you need to action to embed this commercial practice at your design business, and make sure you’re considering the IP for all of the work you do for clients.

IP in practice

You’ll run through a real-life scenario from pitch to payment – and distinguish where IP fits into the different stages: marketing, pre contract negotiations, binding deals, and how to avoid contract breaches.


About: Keith Arrowsmith

Keith qualified as a solicitor in 1995, and has worked in law firms in London and Manchester, building a reputation providing practical, cost effective legal advice in the arts, heritage, digital and media sectors. He now provides guidance and assistance on data protection, governance, intellectual property, business law, website law and charity law. He contributes to workshops, planning days, talks, written reports and provides other bespoke guidance.

Keith is a visiting lecturer on the Clore Leadership Programme, the STAY programme, and the Arts Council England Resilience Programme. He is an Independent Advisory Board member for Screen Yorkshire, and Company Secretary to the new National College for the Creative and Cultural Industries. He was recognised as a leading practitioner in the North West by the independent Chambers legal publication.


Available as a half-day in-house session for a group of 6 or more. Prices per person:

  • Standard rate £380+vat (£456)
  • DBA members £245+vat (£294)

We are able to offer the following discount structure to the standard ticket price, based on the numbers attending the session:

  • 8-10 people – 5% discount
  • 11+ people – 10% discount

To discuss availability, please contact us at or call 020 7251 9229.

All DBA events and training courses are subject to standard terms and conditions which can be read in full here.

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