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Employee Engagement Survey

With the rapidly changing situation of COVID-19 we have decided to put the Employee Engagement survey 2020 on hold, we’re working hard on providing something in its place to better support members in the current climate. Please watch this space, we’ll be in contact soon with an update!

The DBA Employee Engagement Survey, in partnership with JourneyHR, is an invaluable members-only business tool which gives you the opportunity to analyse the engagement of your employees. All members have the opportunity to participate in the survey and it will allow you to quickly and effectively provide your organisation with employee insights. Your results will then be put into context using benchmark scores based on fellow DBA members. 

Why conduct an employee engagement survey?

Employee engagement goes beyond simple job satisfaction. It combines commitment to the organisation and its values with a willingness to go the extra mile for colleagues. Engaged employees are both more productive and more fulfilled than their less engaged counterparts. Employee engagement is a key ingredient for organisational success and employee wellbeing.  

In addition, choosing to conduct a survey tells your employees that their opinion matters to your organisation, as you are providing a platform on which they can be heard.

You can read more about the value of employee engagement surveys here.

What will you get?

DBA members will receive an industry report on employee engagement, only those who participate will receive the full benchmarking report. 

The data will be analysed to identify if there are any differences across gender, age, sizes of agencies etc. Everyone who participates will receive a free overview of the whole industry to compare to DBA benchmarks.

If you would like a tailored, one-page overview of your specific company’s engagement scores the cost is £100+vat. This dashboard will focus on the four core areas of employee engagement: rational connection, emotional connection, employee motivation and enablement, which you can benchmark against the industry. Please note: you will need at least 10 people from your organisation to respond to the survey, if you want a company level report. We need to ensure anonymity of all participants and if the sample size is small the data may give enough contextual information to identify employees.

There is also an option to purchase a more detailed and diagnostic report at a cost of £750+vat. This will include commentary, charts and analysis of your employee responses to the additional topics, as well as the core engagement questions. The detailed report will be broken down by subgroup (such as company type, employee age group and so on), which will show how engaged your employees are, as well as their views on key topics such as leadership, communications, retention and line management. It will highlight the successes and challenges in your organisation. By doing so you can make sure the challenges are addressed, whilst helping to ensure that the positives become best practice. To this end, benchmarks are useful in helping you decide where to take action, and it further helps you to ensure that you do not devote unnecessary resource to an area where it is not needed.

Finally, there’s the consultancy option, which goes one step further and involves an in-depth consultation with one of JourneyHR’s experts, at a cost of £1,500+vat. In this option, your full report would be explored in a face-to-face setting and recommendations made to structure an action plan off the back of the analysis.

If your business is under 10 people, we can refer you to JourneyHR directly – please get in contact with

How does it work?

We have designed the process to take as little time as possible for you and your employees:

  1. The survey itself is very short, taking no more than seven minutes to complete online.
  2. We will send a survey link to your HR manager, or the company equivalent in your organisation who will be responsible for emailing it to colleagues, asking them to take a few minutes out of their day to complete the survey.
  3. All data collected is highly confidential and anonymous – this survey is conducted by JourneyHR who will never ask for names, nor will they analyse the data in ways that allow individual views to be identified. Furthermore, your organisational data will never be shared with anyone.
  4. Once the survey fieldwork period has closed, the data will be analysed, and the summary report will be sent to your HR Manager or main point of contact. We will also share general learnings and insight from the survey with members on our website.
  5. This is an annual survey, so those who participated in 2019 will be able to compare last years scores with those from this year in order to follow trends in the results. This will provide insight into the effectiveness of the improvement measures you have taken.

Don’t miss out on this robust and cost-effective approach to employee engagement insights and benchmarking. If you have any questions please contact | Eleanor Singh, Project Manager, DBA.

The importance of employee engagement surveys

forpeople-copy“Employee Engagement Surveys are a chance for the people to have their say and provide constructive feedback. It’s also a cultural mood check, which, depending on your size, can sometimes be hard to determine. It’s an opportunity for a company to take on board the comments of its people and then to action change because if it’s not about changing things for the better, what’s the point?”

– Sophie Compton Carr, Commercial Director, forpeople Limited



“It can be really difficult for some employees to speak up and voice their opinions/feedback on how the everyday working culture can be improved at their company. Employee Engagement Surveys are a crucial tool of measuring the motivation and commitment of your teams as well as identifying where and why low morale may exist, so participation should be encouraged. Equally, it is a fantastic way of hearing what you have done right and what you need to carry on doing. Whatever the outcome of the results, be sure to listen to your staff and act on the results; hold mini pulse surveys throughout the year to make sure you are on track and ensure your staff know and feel that they are valued and they are being listened to. It is really worth the investment!”

– Sarah Gras, HR Manager, Luminous




JourneyHR are a team of HR Consultants and specialists for the creative industry who thrive on creating great places to work. JourneyHR pioneer employee engagement and creating brilliant places to work is part of what they do. They believe that there are five elements that drive employee engagement: meaningful work, hands on management, a positive work environment, an opportunity to grow and trust in leadership.


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