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From receiving expert help and guidance to benchmarking your business’ performance, the Members’ Area is a gateway to resources, services and support specifically developed for those working in the field of design.

Some sections are exclusively accessible to DBA members, connecting you to the extensive range of benefits your membership provides.

DBA membership extends to everyone working within your business – all members of your team can register for their own password – ensuring the whole team benefits.

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Essential guidance, templates, insight and tools to support you on all aspects of the business of design. From contracts to client opinion, legal updates to exporting support, our resources give you instant access to expert advice and tools to help solve a wide range of business challenges.

If you can’t find the information you’re after please email or call 020 7251 9229 and we’ll look to source or signpost you to guidance to match your needs. 

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Disciplinary policy and procedures

This example procedure is designed to help you encourage all employees to achieve and maintain expected standards of conduct, attendance and job performance and to encourage employees with grievances relating to their employment to seek satisfactory solutions.
Members only

Disciplinary and grievance procedures

Employers and employees should follow the regime set out in the ACAS code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures – this guide takes you through all the detail.
Members only

Capability and poor performance policy – example

You need your employees to maintain high standards of performance in their roles – where performance falls below the expected standards you can use this review procedure to give staff the opportunity to improve.
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Welcome to the world of work…

A handy article on how to get new graduates quickly and effectively settled into your agency so they rapidly become a proactive and productive member of your team.
Members only

Probationary period: induction checklist

A full list of everything you should run through with a new employee.
Members only

Guide to working with freelancers

The use of freelancers offers many benefits, but doesn't come without risks. This guide will help you make sure you're getting the very best from the relationship and protecting your agency from costly repercussions.
Members only

Minimum working week opt out letter under working time regulations

This is an agreement in the form of a letter for an employee to opt out of the Working Time Regulation, which limit the working week to 48 hours.
Members only

Leave policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out the requirements relating to staff leave entitlements during holidays, bank holidays, office closure and other relevant instances.
Members only

Minimum statement of terms of employment

This document sets out the basic terms of employment, which need to be given to employees no later than 2 months after their employment begins to meet the minimum legal requirements.
Members only

The right to work in the UK checklist

As a business you have a legal obligation to confirm that all potential new employees, regardless of their nationality, are eligible to work in the UK - this checklist has the details of how to do this.

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