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Agency growth case study: PATH

Quick facts

Company name, date formed

PATH, formed 2003

Office locations


Prior year approximate fee income



4 shareholders:

MD, 2 x Creative Directors and Marketing & Sales

Staff numbers, excluding freelancers

Total staff 30
Creative 55%
Account/Client servicing 15%
Digital 5%
Strategic 15%
Admin/Finance 5%
Other (Marketing) 5%

Describe what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

Consumers desire brand adventures and to unlock their desire, we build brand journeys. A brand journey is the point of discovery of a brand, through analysis, engagement and advocacy. We help fast moving goods build brand journeys.

Our strategic foresight, design insight and commercial delivery creates: brands, marketing, new products, product delivery, primary and ancillary packaging, activations and recommendations platforms.

Looking back

What has been the hardest thing about getting your agency to where it is now?

Creating a clear USP, consultancy positioning and mission & vision can be very difficult. Also the temptation to stray from specialist to generalist, following the work in the early days, can compound this. Like the cobbler shoes, agencies often neglect their own branding. Once we cracked expressing clearly how and what we do but essentially why, it powered the business, business development and recruitment.

Right now

What might slow/prevent your growth to the next level?

Talent attraction, motivation and retention. Even with a London studio, talent has a lot choice within Central London, so we have to work harder to attract and retain them. Also our specialisms and focus can oppose some creatives looking for wider variety in their work.

What’s next

What are your aspirations for the business?

Path is aiming for a top 10 UK consultancy in 2023. To get there we’ll need to become the best consultancy to work for and the best to work with.

  • We aim to be a company that has a vision.
  • That does great work for great people.
  • A company that support our clients commercially and personally.
  • A company that recognises its staff and that is recognised by clients, our industry and peers.
  • A company that invests in growth opportunities and that invests in its people and its place.
  • A company that gives back to the industry, education and the environment.
  • A company that and doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • A company to be proud of and a company that tries to make a difference by design!


What advice would you give slightly smaller agencies looking to grow successfully?
  • Create a clear USP, consultancy positioning and mission & vision.
  • Focus on narrow but deep specialisms so clients have limited alternatives to your offer.
  • View your studio as part of your brand experience and invest in the best location for talent and prospects.
  • Always be interviewing and recruiting.
  • Create and assign a marketing plan and budget which you can execute and test.
  • Share thought leadership and move from a supplier to a valued client peer.


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