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DBA Webinars: Providing you with expert advice during the coronavirus pandemic

During DBA webinars, design-sector specific insight and advice is delivered to help members tackle the business challenges they are currently facing. In recent weeks, we’ve been joined by an eclectic mix of industry experts including David C. Baker, Blair Enns, Moore Kingston Smith, John Gleason and PepsiCo’s Mauro Porcini.

DBA members can browse and access recordings of previous DBA webinars below. 

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maarten-van-den-heuvel-gzxx8lkab7y-unsplashPersonal resilience: meeting the demands of reality, panel discussion (recorded 24.09.20)


Aliya Vigor-Robertson chairs a panel of industry leaders from Pearlfisher, Roundhouse and Thinking Practice in an exploration of the factors that impact our ability to make the tough decisions and actions we need to survive and thrive. Watch the webinar recording.


micheile-henderson-sot4-mzhyhe-unsplash-1Creating financial resilience now: a live Q&A with Moore Kingston Smith LLP (recorded 10.09.20)


Esther Carder and her team at Moore Kingston Smith LLP take us through the key things you can do right now to ensure you survive and thrive through the next 18 months in a live audience Q&A. Watch the webinar recording.

Charles Deluvio unsplash

The art of closing: from nurturing the leads to making the sale (recorded 13.08.20)

Tune in to our panel of DBA Experts Dan Sudron, Catherine Allison and Adam Graham tackling some of your toughest challenges when closing the deal and winning business. Watch the webinar recording.


The 4 day week in a pandemic world: resilience, work-life balance, and the future of work (recorded 24.07.2020)


Forget the old concept of 9 to 5, hear how redesigning the working week could revolutionise the way your company gets things done, from  Silicon Valley-based futurist and consultant Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. Watch a webinar recording.



Design thinking will kill us all: Or why we need a new philosophy of design if we want to save civilization (recorded 17.07.20)


In our rush to innovate, what are we unleashing? In a provocative and stimulating hour, designer and historian Craig Walmsley challenged our thinking on ‘design thinking’, and shared his perspectives on its flaws, what a new philosophy of design might look like and why it’s needed. Watch a recording of the webinar.


Designing the service back into our services (recorded 10.07.20)


How has the human impact of Covid-19 changed the face of consumption and service as we know it? Find out in this insight-packed webinar recording with Joel Bailey, Director, Experience Led Transformation at EY Seren. Watch a recording of the webinar.

alice-dietrich-fwf_fkj5tbo-unsplash Fear of moving on: how creative bravery is the answer to the worst kind of FOMO (recorded 03.07.2020)


The thing that stops us from being brave is fear. Fear of upsetting the client, the customer, the consumer, our bosses. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of our own potential – but now is the time to turn our fear into fuel.


Mark Shayler, owner of sustainable innovation consultancy Ape, took to the stage to inspire and remind us of the power of purpose-driven creativity. Watch a recording of the webinar

drmakete-lab-hsg538wrp0y-unsplash-1Limiting or liberating? The impact of COVID-19 on your team and their performance (recorded 26.06.20)


How do you enable conditions for success, even when working apart? Electrolux’s Chief Design Officer, Pernilla Johansson, imparts lessons learnt in tackling the implications of Covid-19 on her team and their performance. Watch a recording of the webinar.

john-gleason-webinar-iconInsights and perspective for brands and agencies – part 2: maintaining momentum and thriving forward (recorded 19.06.20)


John Gleason, Founder of A Better View Strategic Consulting, joins us again to build on his original talk around business and relationship management, retaining value and regaining momentum through COVID-19. Watch a recording of the webinar.

kevin-mcHow to use design and innovation to shape the future (recorded 12.06.20)


In this insightful one-hour webinar, Kevin McCullagh shares his expert predictions and insight, equipping you with an innovation planning framework to help your clients’ – and our own – business thrive. Watch a recording of the webinar.

3How has design leadership changed in the last two months? An hour of inspiration with PepsiCo’s CDO Mauro Porcini (recorded 29.05.20)


In this lively webinar, Mauro explores how the world has changed for us all, and what we as designers can do to respond to these changes. Watch a recording of the webinar

screenshot-2020-05-18-at-14-45-14Where now? Five pointers for strategic reflection with Michael Thomson (recorded 22.05.20)


Industry expert Michael Thomson outlines five pointers to achieving conscious strategic change in this webinar, to help you take control of where your business is headed. Watch a recording of the webinar. 

David and Blair

2bobs in your business: David C. Baker and Blair Enns tackle your challenges (recorded 15.05.20) 


David and Blair return to the DBA Webinar series, this time together. Collectively they are know as 2bobs after their popular podcast series for creative entrepreneurs. In this webinar they tackle scenarios and questions submitted in advance by DBA members. Watch a recording of the webinar.


How to make an impact in online meetings (recorded 14.05.20)


In an interactive 1-hour session, DBA Expert Catherine Allison will help you develop the tools, skills, and confidence to engage your audience in online meetings and move people to action. Watch a webinar recording here.


How to leverage your assets for commercial success (recorded 07.05.20)


Treating your intellectual assets as you would your store-cupboard and drawing on them inventively will help you add new revenue streams through what you already know, own, or have. Erica Wolfe-Murray, author and DBA Expert, shows us how. Watch a webinar recording here.


Navigating a new world: a live panel discussion and Q&A with the DBA (recorded 01.05.20)


DBA Chief Executive Deborah Dawton leads a discussion through leadership, confidence, new business, and new ways of working with a panel of DBA Experts. Watch a recording of the webinar


Winning new business via email (recorded 29.04.20)


Kimi Gilbert, Director of Training & Development at The Future Factory helps DBA member agencies maintain momentum and build a more predictable new business pipeline through email. Watch a webinar recording here.

screenshot-2020-04-27-at-10-40-22Insights and perspectives for agencies on regaining momentum and moving forward: a live Q&A with John Gleason (recorded 24.04.20)


John Gleason, former head of design procurement at P&G, gives his perspective on how agencies can manage through this crisis. Watch a recording of the webinar

jon-tyson-hhq1lxtuwd8-unsplashWhat do your clients need? (recorded 23.04.20)


As both clients and agencies explore this new world together, it’s vital for design businesses to hone their approach and know what the do’s and don’ts are when communicating with clients. Jonathan Kirk, Founder of Up to the Light, explains what your clients need. Watch a recording of the webinar.

stellrweb-djb1whucfby-unsplashMaking the right financial decisions: a live Q&A with Moore Kingston Smith LLP (recorded 17.04.20)


Esther Carder and the team from Moore Kingston Smith give the latest updates on all things related to Government Policy, loans and financing, furloughing, insurance and insolvencies. Watch a recording of the webinar

icons8-team-dhztnlvne8m-unsplashManage your time effectively when working from home (recorded 16.04.20)


Jenny McConnell, executive coach and industry expert, explores how to stay productive while taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Watch a recording of the webinar.

screenshot-2020-04-06-at-15-40-44Building your pipeline when there is no visibility of what the future holds: Q&A with Blair Enns (recorded 09.04.20)


Blair Enns, author of ‘Win Without Pitching’ and ‘Pricing Creativity: a guide to profit beyond the billable hour’ gives his advice on how agencies should view their new business efforts over the coming months. Watch a recording of the webinar

gabriel-beaudry-ntx2tjkrzlc-unsplash-1024x686Presenting remotely with Shan Preddy (recorded 07.04.20)


Do you and your team always feel 100% confident when delivering remote presentations to colleagues, clients and prospects? Shan Preddy, Partner at Preddy&Co and DBA Expert takes you through presenting remotely for results. Watch a recording of the webinar.

maximilian-weisbecker-esq0ovry-zs-unsplashHR and staff wellbeing: live Q&A with JourneyHR (recorded 03.04.20)


We teamed up with JourneyHR for this webinar to explore various areas of furlough eligibility, along with a range of HR challenges design businesses are facing. Watch a recording of the webinar

jon-tyson-hhq1lxtuwd8-unsplashYour agency’s finances, workforce and supply chains: with Moore Kingston Smith


Bringing clarity to the options around government support and funding to help design businesses stay one step ahead at these uncertain times, Esther Carder of Moore Kingston Smith answered a range of questions around finances, workforces and supply chains in these two informative webinars. 


Part One (recorded 27.03.20) and part Two (recorded 02.04.20)  Watch a recording of the webinars here

matthew-waring_unsplashThe coronavirus and your agency, with David C. Baker (recorded 20.03.20)


As the coronavirus pandemic took hold in March, author, speaker and creative advisor David C. Baker presented a Q&A webinar, helping all and anyone involved in running a design business understand the key business decisions they needed to consider as a leader. Watch a recording of the webinar

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