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Due diligence in business acquisitions

Due diligence is a vital process that you need to go through to check the financial position and viability of a business you are proposing to buy. It is also something that should be done when awarding contracts or agreeing to extend credit facilities.   

Due diligence allows you to examine a business’ records and to ask questions about financial performance, assets and liabilities, current activities and work in the pipeline so that you can determine credit worthiness, commercial potential and overall viability.

It is not a process that focuses solely on accounts; it also considers business structure, organisation and performance of the current management team, employee numbers and personnel matters, terms and conditions of trading, supplier contracts and other key legal documents.

The due diligence process explained

nik-macmillan-280300-unsplash-copyIn the context of a business acquisition, carrying out due diligence enables you to determine whether the proposed purchase price is fair and realistic and whether there are any areas of concern that require further consideration or investigation before the sale proceeds.

It is vital that due diligence is conducted thoroughly, and in this handy guide, the DBA’s legal partner Humphries Kirk LLP explains the correct process. 

DBA members can download the ‘Due diligence in business acquisitions’ guide here

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