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Pantone Connect offer for the design community

As the world is grappling with a new normal amid COVID-19, the design community are finding new ways to adjust to new working conditions and change in demand. As a result, Pantone has opened up its recently launched product, Pantone Connect, for free.

Creatives and designers can take advantage of this unlimited free access to July 1st 2020, and existing users have been given an additional three months credited to their account.

Pantone Connect helps graphic and fashion designers build palettes and easily convert and match Pantone colours digitally through Adobe Creative Cloud. This tool will help fill the missing 5,600 colours in Adobe Creative Cloud making it possible to get missing colours in design files. This is particularly helpful for teams, who while working from home will need to align on colour palettes and can do so using this app’s collaboration features.

You can see a demo of the product here. Find out more and get free access to this tool here.

Image credit: Sharon Pittaway, Unsplash


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