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Demonstrate assurance

Completing your agency profile

We realise that completing your DBA Directory profile may be a daunting process – but it needn’t be. It can be broken up into small sections and taken one step at a time.

Below you will find some explanatory notes and guidance on how to complete your profile. The Documentation section is the most time-intensive and if you have not got any policy documents at the moment will require some thought on how you run your business.


Basic company information. This is so that clients can find you. They will be able to search on region, size, name, awards you have won etc. We are also asking for other basic bits of information such as your vat number, date established etc.

Tip: The temptation to tick all the boxes under discipline and sector experience may be great, but clients might view you as a “jack of all trades” rather than an expert in a particular field. Some members who have handled this section well have decided to select their “core competencies” because these are the areas that they win new work for. Once they have a client on board they cross sell other services because of their knowledge of the client – but they would not have won the client in any of those new areas.

Agency details

More complex and sensitive company information. This level of data will not be open source. Design buyers will have to apply to the DBA for a password to enter this secure section of the site. It will contain the level of information a procurement department may ask for in a RFI/PQQ, including turnover figures, company structure, top clients, fee card etc.


All staff members that we have listed on our database will appear in your update section when you go to amend your profile. You can chose which of those staff members appear on your profile.

Case studies

You can add as many case-studies as you like, but there is only space for 5 to be live at any one time. You can update them whenever you like, and chose which ones appear.


Policy statements and documents are a way of a client checking the business governance of an agency to make sure they:

  1. comply with the law
  2. adhere to similar values
  3. mitigate the risk they feel they are taking in buying creative services.

The more detail you can put into these policies to illustrate how little of a risk you will be to the client, the more likely they are to choose you. By giving short statements on each issue, you demonstrate that you have considered each of the issues that might affect them, and give the client peace of mind.

Each policy document should be saved as a PDF document and uploaded directly to the site via your update pages.

Links to our written guides to each policy.

Start with the easy ones

•  Ethical Policy
•  Code of Conduct Statement
•  Equality and Diversity Statement
•  Intellectual Property Statement
•  Data Protection Statement

Then do the not so easy ones

•  Dispute Resolution Policy
•  Sub-Contractors Usage Policy
•  Training Policy

Now it’s time for the tough ones

•  HR / Employment Policy
•  Health and Safety Policy
•  Environment Policy
•  Disaster Recovery Procedure

If you have any questions please contact either or call us on 020 7251 9229.

Show clients that you’re open for business

When two-man-band design agency Family (and friends) filled in their DBA Directory profile, the most daunting task for them was compiling their company policy documents. Everything from a Sustainability policy to a Disaster recovery policy are required to reach PQQ status, which means that you are procurement ready for buyers.

We spoke to their Creative Director, Derek Johnston to find out how the process has helped define the business and win clients:

“Being procurement ready has a real value to us as we want to come across as a professional business without the corporate baggage. Presenting our agency to clients in the same Directory as larger companies in our sector, and with the same level of professionalism and business administration, puts us on a level playing field to compete.

We spoke to one of the DBA Experts who advised us to write down what we feel and believe, not what we thought people wanted to hear. The penny dropped and we wrote about us and our business, our culture and our approach, so it was actually much less painstaking than we first thought.

Completing our Directory profile has helped us to define our business and what we’re about. We are now PQQ ready and can deal with remote client requests for policy documents at the drop of a hat.

We’ve had several client enquiries, and one piece of business so far through the Directory, so it is really starting to pay off”.

Derek Johnston, Creative Partner, Family (and friends) – DB


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