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The right questions get actionable answers

With Brexit we all find ourselves in unchartered waters. Having said that, what’s new?

Our everyday work is to support clients to come up with the answers to big and complex business questions. And the fact is we do more. We ask them to focus on asking the right questions, because as an industry we know that only by asking the right questions can you create breakthrough solutions that add real value.

Now is the time to step-up and demonstrate real leadership in your business by asking questions to move you and your agency forward at this uncertain point in time.

The first question we are all asking is how to align ourselves to Brexit? Even with uncertainty you have a choice. Is Brexit a threat or an opportunity for you and your business? The role of any business leader is to clearly communicate to the company how you are going to choose to view the uncertainty of the reality that we all face.

If uncertainty is the context for your business, be clear about how you are going to communicate this uncertainty to your team. If opportunity is the context going forward use your imagination to bring a new sense and purpose to the business.

Going forward, it is all about finding a way through by focusing and asking the right questions. By finding the right questions you can move to your new desired destination.

This is not a time to procrastinate or for sitting on the fence, but to observe, orientate, make decisions and act. You can’t wait forever to get all the facts and avoid making mistakes but knowing the difference between right and wrong should lead you towards asking the right questions.


Here are two right questions that enable your business to move forward with purpose:

  1. What is best for the business?
  2. Does this decision have a heart?

The following questions are as old as the hills and have been designed to make you really think about your career and business life.

  1. Do you know the 5 specific threats to your company during the coming year, the next 5 years and the next 10 years? What should you do about them?
  2. What specific political or economic situation will impact on your company most next year, next 5 years and next 10 years? Answer this for your company as a whole, for each business and geographic area. What will the impact be? What should you and the company do in response?
  3. Do you know the people, both inside and outside your company who will have the greatest influence upon your company? Do you know what that influence will be?

About: Rod Petrie

Rod started out in 1971 as a junior designer before design was considered as a serious career path. During that time he had had two jobs, the first with Allied International Designers where he became the first practicing designer to be on the board of the first publicly quoted design consultancy and then as Founding Partner and Creative Director of Design Bridge.

As a Brand Creative Director, coaching people was the next level in his career because at the heart of our industry are people, and like brands, it’s about helping people to understand and communicate their own unique story to achieve the outcomes they want.


Rod is a trusted DBA Expert.

Image credits: © Wilfred Stanley Sussenbach


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