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Managing design agencies and teams

Nurturing and developing your design agency and design team relationships means you’ll increase the effectiveness of the work you commission and manage, producing better results for your business.

A better-managed portfolio of design agencies will mean you’ll know the strengths and weaknesses of each team inside-out, so you can allocate your projects accordingly to achieve the best results.

At this interactive workshop, design management expert Jan Casey will show you how to build on the theory, and your on-the-job experience, to become the driving force in your agency relationships. You’ll be able to get exactly what you need from your agencies every time.

This full-day workshop will cover:

Finding and selecting a new design agency:
  • The optimum process.
  • Free pitching versus credentials presentations.
  • Key questions to ask potential agencies before appointing.
Developing relationships
  • Building more productive relationships with your design agencies.
  • Understanding the difference between a good agency relationship and a bad one.
  • Working with your agency to deliver project requirements as partners.
  • How to turn failing relationships around and build on those that need improvement.
  • Dealing with issues and frustrations.
  • Developing a constructive two-way feedback process with your agency.
Ensuring internal stakeholder engagement
  • Selling best practice methodology into your organisation.
  • Communicating the power of design internally with real authority.
  • Involving members of your internal team in projects, including the approval process, feedback and opinions.
  • Managing multiple stakeholders throughout a project.
Managing multiple projects
  • Working on multiple projects simultaneously across different skill sets.
  • Managing large and complex projects efficiently.
  • Communicating internal processes to the agency: time frames, budgets, approval processes.
  • Ensuring agencies provide an smooth process and effective solution.
  • When to part company with your agency and how to do it.

Meet your peers who manage design in other organisations, find out how they work and develop new ways of working for yourself.

You’ll walk away with the ability to get better results with your design projects and build more effective, long-term working partnerships with your agencies.


Delegate feedback from Jan’s workshops:

Great course with Jan. She had a wealth of experience to share on both the client and design side. Valuable experience.” Nina Billington, Senior Art Director, Gavin Willis Art Direction

Focused and clear – it was great to hear a range of perspectives on current issues.Karen Altabey, Senior Designer, Door 22

About: Jan Casey

With over 30 years experience in the creative industry, Jan has substantial expertise from both a business and consultancy perspective.

As an independent consultant for over 15 years, she has delivered a unique set of skills for clients and design consultancies, combining her experience as a brand consultant, project director, business advisor and coach and psychotherapist. Jan has built brands, set up design rosters, worked with in-house design teams, commissioned and managed design projects and facilitated organizational change.

Recent business clients include NHS, Land Securities, BBC Broadcast, HM Revenue & Customs, Sky, Royal Mail and British Heart Foundation, Sainsbury’s and Virgin Atlantic. Jan has chaired seminars on the creative industry and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Available as a full day in-house session for a group of 6 or more. Prices per person:

  • Standard rate £700+vat (£840)
  • DBA members £450+vat (£540)

We are able to offer the following discount structure to the standard ticket price, based on the numbers attending the session:

  • 8-10 people – 5% discount
  • 11+ people – 10% discount

To discuss availability, please contact us at or call 020 7251 9229.

All DBA events and training courses are subject to standard terms and conditions which can be read in full here.

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