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Transform and grow your creative business

Business growth is inextricably linked to change. Stand still for too long, and the activities that were working for you in the past may have moved on. The businesses which shine the brightest through continuous change are inherently responsive to change, and aim for agility rather than upholding the status quo.

How can you transform your business so you’re taking advantage of every opportunity for growth? And how can you treat your own business transformation with the same level of dedication and focus that you’d commit to a client project?

When it comes to actually growing your business – why is change so challenging and why do over 70% of even the most well-planned and well-intended change programmes fail to deliver?

At this senior-level workshop, suitable for all sizes of design agency, business transformation expert Ralph Ardill will draw on his extensive experience helping design agencies, international corporations and SMEs, to tell you how you can make the leap, beat the odds and successfully transform and grow your business.

Read Ralph Ardill’s article on ‘Project You’ for more insight on business transformation. [TO LINK. Old:]

This workshop will cover:
1. The challenges of transforming a creative business for growth.

An honest exploration of:

  • The cultural challenges.
  • The commercial challenge.
  • The creative challenge.
2. Why change often fails and what you can do about it.

A no holds barred exposé of:

  • The truth about change.
  • Why change usually fails and how to pre-empt the pitfalls
  • Embracing the ‘enemies’ within.
3. How to beat the odds and transform your creative business.

You’ll leave with:

  • A deep understanding of why change and growth is so hard and how to beat the odds
  • A practical framework for the 8 Growth Levers to focus on when adding value and growing your business
  • A best-practice road-map to guide your creative business through your transformation journey.
  • A set of key learnings and proven techniques from previous creative business transformation journeys for growth.
  • A set of top-tips for getting stuck in, playing to your strengths and staying the course

This workshop will help you to:

  • Gain the knowledge you need make a transformational plan for growth.
  • Gain the confidence and tools you need to develop, sustain and deliver your plan.
  • Develop a change-ready mindset to enthuse and empower your team inspire your team with clear leadership for how you will grow your business, your team and yourselves
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“An insightful experience that shed light on an approach that will hopefully make our future change a more enjoyable and ultimately successful experience.” Nigel Collett, CEO, RPA Group

“We all deliver design and creativity, these workshops provide an opportunity to become ‘the client’ and encourage self criticism.” Peter Rickett, Director, Designworks

“Focused and empowering, led by an engaging speaker who clearly knew his subject and delegates who knew theirs…” James Breaks, Associate Director – Design, RIBA

“I found Ralph to be extremely insightful and well structured in his presentation. Very helpful.” Scott McCallum, Managing Director, Avian

“A great insight and tips into changing a business.” David Wright, Marketing and Business Development Director, Dalziel & Pow

About: Ralph Ardill

Ralph is an internationally recognised expert in brand-led business transformation, with over 20 years experience on both the client and agency sides, in the creative industries.

Ralph’s passion is for harnessing everything he’s learned from what he calls his “20 year apprenticeship” to work with small and medium sized corporate and creative businesses in the UK, as an independent board-level instigator for change. Ralph helps businesses to develop and deliver accelerated transformation and growth.

Ralph works closely with his clients to bring the full value of his extensive experience in management consulting, brand strategy, design thinking and change management, to deliver rapid improvement to the front-line and bottom-line of their businesses.


Available as a half-day in-house session for a group of 6 or more. Prices per person:

  • Standard rate £405+vat (£486)
  • DBA members £260+vat (£312)

We are able to offer the following discount structure to the standard ticket price, based on the numbers attending the session:

  • 8-10 people – 5% discount
  • 11+ people – 10% discount

To discuss availability, please contact us at or call 020 7251 9229.

All DBA events and training courses are subject to standard terms and conditions which can be read in full here.

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