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Exporting support and contacts

Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export and grow into global markets. You should take full advantage of the support they offer.

Search for DIT offices around the world or contact your local Export Expert.

Find out what advice the Department for International Trade offer by visiting their website.

Whatever your export experience, DIT has tailored services that can benefit your business. View their Three steps to becoming an exporter.

Key support:

  • Open to Export is the place where UK businesses come together to help each other become better, smarter and more confident doing business abroad.
    Go to Open to Export.
  • Events and seminars are held across the UK and the world. They include specific sector and market-based activities.
    Search for Events.
  • Trade missions are organised to help UK companies visit the marketplace they’re interested in and talk face-to-face with prospective business partners. DIT also organises missions into the UK to allow overseas delegates to meet with potential partners or investors.
    Search for Trade missions.
  • The High Value Opportunities programme proactively identifies global supply chain opportunities, coupled with an online service giving access to several hundred sales leads around the world each month.
    High Value Opportunities Brochure.
  • View case studies of creative UK businesses who have been helped in their efforts to secure overseas sales.
    Go to case studies.

There is a charge for some of these services.

Visit DIT website for details on all of the above.

There is also useful information from the Creative Industries Council.

Working internationally

exportThinking of exporting your design services overseas? Or already exporting but looking for new market information or strategy advice?

To make it easier for you to navigate the wealth of information available to exporters, we’ve pulled together the key details and advice relevant to the design industry and included signposting to further information and contacts.

What’s included?

1. Should designers export?

2. First steps to exporting

3. Developing an export strategy

4. Leveraging reputation

5. Culture and language

6. Payment essentials
8. Design business case studies and guidance
9. Country guides and contact details

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