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Design Effectiveness Awards: 365 Seminar wrap-up

What does it take to produce a winning Design Effectiveness Award entry? Last week we heard from design agencies and design commissioners who’ve worked together to achieve outstanding results.


There were Tweets aplenty from the DBA’s Design Effectiveness 365 seminar, check out our wrap-up of the event coverage.

Making your own success

Harrogate Spring Water

Set-up every project as a potential DEA entry. So by the time you get your results, you’ll already have a rough entry #dbaDEA

Good entries tell a story #dbaDEA

Each DEA entry is judged on its own merit, you’re being measured on what you’ve written in your own case study #dbaDEA



Why context is key 

Context is a key part of a design effectiveness awards entry. Without it the judges find it difficult to understand the measures #dbaDEA

Market context gives your case study the credibility and lets the results shine through #dbaDEA

Extrapolating design’s impact

What are the other influencing factors? Without clarity around this area you leave your case study open to interpretation #dbaDEA

Give yourself enough time to prove that it’s the design that’s driven your success, not other factors #dbaDEA

The judges

The #dbaDEA judges are a panel of business experts, they’re primed and ready to analyse your business case 

The industry you’re in isn’t an issue, a CMO in finance might judge a piece of industrial design work – it’s about the business case #dbaDEA

Judges want to see the agency/client partnership through a holistic approach to story telling in your case study #dbaDEA

Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom from Ian of creative agency @ThompsonBP @HarrogateSpring #dbaDEA

  • Help your client understand what matters about this product.
  • Be the voice of reason when they’re in the thick of it.
  • Do the homework.
  • Give them the confidence to be themselves.
  • Encourage them to use their own creativity.

On creating successful #dbaDEA entries @theyardcreative says: designer led research adds great value to the end product

Advice from Paul of @allotmentbrand: “Focus and agree on hard measures of what success looks like right from the start” #dbaDEA

The Story Shop

Parting shot

Effective design is for business survival, not just a pretty trophy #dbaDEA

admin-ajaxWhat to measure?

Download this guide for: tips on evaluating data on design effectiveness. What statistics should you gather for different types of projects? 

Download the guide.

design_effectiveness_awards_2017_11Effectiveness case studies

Read the case studies of previous DEA winners. These will illustrate design effectiveness through the project objectives, evaluate the outcome against those objectives, and demonstrate that design made a specific contribution to the project’s commercial success.
Hone your own case study, read the examples.


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