DBA Roundup

A roundup of industry expertise, exclusive resources, business support and tools for your design business.

Delivering value for money – a complex challenge

In 2014, 66% of clients considered their agency to be good value for money but this has decreased to only 45% in 2024. This is an important message to agencies because value for money is a key ingredient of any successful client/agency relationship. So, why the decline?

DBA Members’ Forum | April Summary

In our April DBA Members’ Forum, we were joined by Jonathan Kirk, author of Up to the Light’s annual What Clients Think report. Here’s a summary of the conversation.

New Designers

The UK’s largest graduate design event is back this summer and you can secure a free trade ticket for the event today.

What does your life in design look like?

This is the question at the heart of the ‘My Life in Design’ podcast, a collaboration between Red Setter and the DBA. Since launching the podcast two years ago, over 50 of the world’s leading designers, creatives and strategists have been interviewed about their lives in design. 

DBA Members’ Forum | February Summary

In our February DBA Members’ Forum, we were delighted to be joined by Michael Lennington, co-author of the ’12-Week Year’. We had an illuminating conversation that continued on from our habit-forming theme for this quarter. Michael shared some hugely valuable tips to keep us on track this year. Here’s a summary of the conversation.


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