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‘Turbo-charging’ creative industries export opportunities

Last week, the Creative Industries Trade and Investment Board launched a three-year strategy to grow the exports of the creative industries by 50% by 2023.

Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart, MP said, “The new strategy is about taking the phenomenal exporting success of our world leading creative sector and turbo-charging it further.”

The CITIB strategy can be read in full here.

Chief Executive of the Design Business Association, Deborah Dawton, sits on the Creative Industries Trade and Investment Board (CITIB) representing the design sector. “Let’s showcase to the world, the breadth and depth of what we’re capable of creating and the impact that follows. We can change the fortunes of businesses of any size; we can change the behaviours of their customers; we can change the attitudes of society towards an issue.

“With the CITIB’s strategy set to boost creative industries goods and service exports by 50% by 2023, as an industry we should seize this opportunity to grow recognition globally of the difference design makes to the businesses and organisations who invest in it. The Creative Industries are the calling card for Britain abroad and the DBA is supporting DBA members, through our alignment and work with CITIB and DIT, to be a pivotal part of that and to grow members’ reach internationally.”

CITIB’s strategy has identified five key strategic markets that should be prioritised in the years ahead – China, USA, Europe, Middle East and Japan.

Currently DBA members can sign up via the DBA to be part of a major export mission to Hong Kong in December this year – email for more information.


denisse-leon-774695-unsplashThe CITIB was set up following the launch of the £150 million Creative Industries Sector Deal – part of the Government’s modern Industrial Strategy.

Its role is to develop and oversee delivery of an export strategy and explore, support and advise on high-value opportunities for Inward Investment and Foreign Direct Investment.

The industry-led initiative aims to stimulate trade in one of the UK’s most exciting sectors and continue a great British success story.

Members of CITIB include Adam Mansell, CEO of UK Fashion & Textile Association, British Fashion Council CEO Caroline Rush, Design Business Association CEO Deborah Dawton, Royal Institute of British Architects CEO Alan Vallance and British Film Institute CEO Amanda Nevill.

As a result of £1 million additional government funding CITIB members have already helped to promote the UK’s creative sector in 10 countries including China and the United States, generating a pipeline of more than £200 million of export opportunities. More than 250 UK companies have also been supported in developing their own export strategies.

The UK’s thriving Creative Industries are now worth over £100 billion to the UK economy and the Board will amplify this success around the world.

The first ever UK Creative Industries Trade and Investment Board (CITIB) strategy was published last week, pledging to boost creative industries goods and service exports by 50% by 2023.

Referencing the industry led strategy at the Createch conference as part of London Tech Week, Digital and Creative Industries Minister Margot James said, “The UK’s booming Creative Industries are a real success story, with the sector contributing more than £100 billion to the economy. We are delivering a Britain that works for everyone, and by sharing our skills and expertise with the rest of the world this strategy will give us the chance to deliver more growth opportunities in the years ahead.”

Annette King, Chair of the Creative Industries Trade and Investment Board said, “The UK is a world leader in the Creative Industries thanks to both the wealth of talent we have here, and that we attract from across the globe. By continuing to build on the success of our small businesses this strategy begins a new stage in our industry’s relationship with Government, where we work together to drive the success of our vibrant and exciting industry.”

The Strategy was published alongside the Creative Industries Council’s (CIC) top 50 Createch companies ‘ones to watch’ report.

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