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Whether junior designer or design leader, account handler or MD everyone benefits from fresh perspective, knowledge-share, new insights and debate.

Our events and training courses are renowned within the industry for their quality, relevance and proven capability to boost the confidence and performance of individuals and teams.

From lively networking events to skills development workshops, from in-depth business growth programmes to stimulating round-tables, our extensive range of events and training has something to offer every member of your team, across all roles and levels within your business.

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Bring our leading design industry specific workshops to your office. If you have a group of six or more people you can save on travel costs, time and course fees when our expert trainers come to you.

All of our workshops are available to be delivered in-house and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your team and your business. Fees cover all course materials, couriers and tutor fees. You just need to provide the space for the workshop to take place, catering and AV equipment.

If you have a business need that is not covered by one of our current workshops, we can develop something tailored for you and your specific needs. Contact us to discuss the options available on 020 7251 9229 or email

Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an Office

Working with design agencies on better briefs

Discover how to make real improvement to the way you brief in design. You'll be able to get better results for your business from the design work you manage and commission. Interactive full-day workshop with Chris Holt.

Client relationships, Working with design agencies

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work organized

Managing design agencies and teams

Build on the theory and your on-the-job experience and become the driving force in your agency relationships. Discover how you can get exactly what you need from your agencies every time. Full-day workshop with Jan Casey.

Working with design agencies

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spotlight presentation stage

Presentation skills: advanced

Do you regularly give successful presentations to clients, prospects and colleagues? Do you want to push these excellent skills even...

Communications skills, Presentation skills

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stage chair presentation spotlight

Presentation skills: improvers

Understand how to prepare, structure and deliver a presentation effectively. Limited to 5 attendees, this practical workshop will increase your confidence for successful presentations.

Communications skills, Presentation skills

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spotlight presentation

Presentation skills: introduction

Presenting gets easier with preparation and practice. Join this workshop for essential tips and knowledge to create a great impact in your next presentation.

Communications skills, Presentation skills

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key idea bulb light lamp

Your design work and intellectual property

The work you create as a design agency belongs to you. At this workshop, with Keith Arrowsmith you'll find out how, by understanding the power of IP, you can negotiate higher fees, command respect and build long-lasting mutually beneficial client relationships.

IP and understanding the law

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pencils colours

Making the most of what you own

Understand your business assets and how you can retain and monetise them. Join this workshop to understand more about IP, and come away with a toolkit you can use to explore all your asset opportunities.

IP and understanding the law

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bulb with glowing copyright sign inside of it, creativity concept

How the law works for you

Get up to speed with your colleagues on design intellectual property rights in a global context, and find out how designs can generate income while you sleep. A half-day workshop with Henry Lydiate.

IP and understanding the law

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book laptop

Design and the law

Have a successful career in design and creative businesses by playing by the rules. A half-day workshop with Henry Lydiate.

IP and understanding the law

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open door new light

From management to leadership

Being a leader is different to being a manager – suddenly you're responsible for the direction and success of not only yourself and...

People management and leadership

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