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My Life in Design: new podcast series

The Design Community Hub has launched its podcast, “My Life in Design”. 

Created in collaboration with Red Setter, and presented by its Founder & Managing Partner, Claire Blyth, this new podcast lifts the curtain on some of the design sector’s most respected and interesting leaders, strategists and designers.

My Life in Design

“I’ve always loved the diversity of the design sector,” says Blyth. “There are so many different ways into it. There are so many different careers to be found in it. And it’s packed full of people with fascinating stories to tell. That’s what I want to shine a light onto with this podcast.”

In the first ten episodes, listeners will hear the founder of the world’s largest independent branding firm tell the story of how graffiti first sparked his love of typography. Another explores the links between branding and religion. And the head of global brand experience at a leading consumer goods corporate talks about how design gives him a glimpse into the future.

An episode lands weekly on Thursdays on iTunes, Spotify and other leading podcast platforms. The first series includes:

  • Max Ottignon, co-founder, Ragged Edge 
  • Heidi Lightfoot, founder and creative director, Together Design
  • Gush Mundae, founder of Bulletproof
  • Kathryn Jubrail, managing director and Kirsty Minns, executive creative director at Mother Design
  • Stuart Watson, founder and partner at Nomad
  • Nat Maher, founder of Kerning the Gap
  • Ian Wharton, CXO at Superunion
  • Jos Harrison, global head of brand experience and design at Reckitt.

“Whether you’re looking for your first break in the industry, or you’re looking for your latest inspiration, I think these conversations have something to offer everyone”, says Blyth. 

The Design Community Hub is a cross-industry initiative, created to support talent across the design world. Find out more here.

Image credits: 

C D-X | Unsplash

Design Community Hub / Red Setter 


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