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DBA welcomes new Board Directors

We’re delighted to have welcomed three new Directors to the DBA Board. 

2LK’s Andy Sexton, ELSE’s Warren Hutchinson and RB’s Stephanie Verschoor were appointed at the DBA’s recent AGM, whilst Coley Porter Bell’s Vicky Bullen has been reappointed for an extended term. 

Fundamental to the work we do at the DBA, our Board of Directors possess diverse experience of bringing design to the strategy-setting c-suite of business, ensuring we drive design ever further up the agenda in business and government, and together as an industry can build universal confidence in design investment.

Andy Sexton, Partner & Executive Creative Director
, 2LK


0“The very principles of effective design have been rooted in 2LK’s proposition, process and product since winning our first DBA Design Effectiveness Award in 1997. Not only this, but I’ve seen first-hand how so many of our team have learned, grown and benefited through training and networking over our 10+ years of membership. So it seems a natural next step to ‘pay it forward’ by becoming a board member, in order to more actively support the DBA’s promise to champion the transformative power of design, promoting its strategic and economic value within the design industry, to business and government.” 

Warren Hutchinson, Founder & Chief Experience Officer, 

warren-hutchinson-headshot“ELSE has been a member of the DBA for over five years, with our initial interactions coming predominantly through the Design Effectiveness Awards and The Annual Survey. Over time we have become involved in the TwentyTwenty mentoring program (as mentor and mentee), participated in training and we have worked with DBA Experts. However, I have seen the DBA come into its own as a much-needed lifeline and forum for design business and leadership during this period of COVID response.” 

Stephanie Verschoor, Global Director & Head of Design, UX and Brand Experience, Reckitt Benckiser

stephanie-verschoor-headshotI am a marketing specialist and business leader in brand & innovation strategy and creative development and bring to the DBA: 

  • 20+ years of experience in FMCG
  • Building world-class brands & brand experiences across the consumer journey
  • Delivering innovation from idea generation to successful market introduction
  • Solving complex business challenges, implementing change management
  • Increasing NPS through world class digital customer & product experiences
  • Building high performance (in-house design) teams. International experience on global brands: e.g. Disney, Durex, Pixar, Dettol, Shell.

Vicky Bullen, CEO, Coley Porter Bell

vicky-bullen-headshot“I have been a board director of the DBA for the past three years and in that time we have been revisiting our purpose and our mission. At its heart the DBA exists to advance design as a strategic advantage, something that makes a positive impact for our collective future. I believe that for our industry to survive and thrive it is critical that as a community we champion the idea that good design drives business growth. I want to be part of the team that makes that purpose and mission live.” 

Further details about DBA Directors, other members of the Board and its role, can be found here.


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