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Thoughts from the top – Design: Driving transformation in business

Gain a taste of the discussion and debate to be had at Design: driving transformation in business, with an advance insight into the minds of our inimitable panelists, with this preview of their thoughts on the topic of embedding design in business. 


With panel members individually representing such strong advocacy for the transformative power of design, the collective discussion to be had when these speakers come together with a host of other trail-blazing design leaders, will form an event not to be missed.

thoughtsMark van Iterson, Director Global Heineken Design, Heineken International

“What’s really special about Heineken, is that design innovation is in the DNA of the company.”

“For a beer brand that never changes its recipe, since over a century that’s always been the same, then design, designing the brand, innovating around the brand, creating the experience around it is of huge importance to keep it engaging and interesting and develop added value.”

“I think creative people will lead the concepts of the future, they will develop the propositions of the future, so I think more and more companies will see the value [of design].”

thoughtsMark Curtis, Founder and Chief Client Officer, Fjord

“Design thinking on its own is not enough. We call it the rule of three: Design thinking, design doing and design culture.”

“A rise in the number of clients in the last few years, asking us ‘please can you help us set up a design outfit?’”

“I’ve had numerous conversations with CIOs and CMOs, who are saying ‘I don’t actually understand where design should sit in the organisation. Who owns design?… all terribly important questions.”

“If it isn’t attached to the mother ship, it isn’t going to succeed.”

“If you’re going to embed a design culture in an organisation, you actually need to get the hearts and minds of the back office people as well.”

“Design thinking is really about a number of things – at its core I think its about putting the end user at the centre of a process for thinking about how to make sense of things.”

thoughtsRon Burrage, Sr. Director, Head of Global Design, The Hershey Company

“If design is embedded early on, I think you’re going to end up with a better consumer experience in retail and at home.”

“Design culture is everybody working together to get to the best result.”


Design: driving transformation in business will take place in London on Thursday 12 October. View the full line-up of inimitable design leaders speaking and book your ticket.

  • Ron Burrage, Sr. Director, Head of Global Design, The Hershey Company
  • Mark van Iterson, Director Global Heineken Design, Heineken International
  • Louise Smith, Head of Design and Transformation, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Mark Curtis, Founder and Chief Client Officer, Fjord
  • Jon Denham, Vice President Disruptive Innovation & Design, ConAgra Foods
  • François Lenfant, General Manager Healthcare Experience, Global Design at GE Healthcare
  • Judith Stracey, Chairman, White LogisticsTestimonials Panel
  • Oliver King, Director/Founder, Engine Service Design
  • Jeremy Bassinder, Exec Partner – Consumer Products & UKI iX Leader for Consumer Products, Retail and Travel & Transport, IBM
  • Luke Mansfield, Vice President, Innovation, Global Beverage Group, PepsiCo

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