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Level entry | Also known as creative artworker

What does an artworker do?

Artworkers produce the design that designers create. It could be a website, it could be a poster, it could be anything! It might be part of the document or all of it. The role is extremely varied. Find out more here.

What’s an artworker good at?


– are good at layouts

– great with colours

– have an eye for detail

– understand design for print and digital

Tools of the trade/required knowledge

  1. Colours
  2. Fonts/typography
  3. Full Adobe suite.

Who does an artworker work with?

Artworkers will report to designers and/or studio managers/project managers.

How do I become an Artworker?

You don’t have to have a degree to become an artworker. You may have been to college. You do have to be very accurate in your work and have a good knowledge of computer graphics software.

At school or college:

Good subjects to take in school/college: Art & Design, IT.

Career tips:

– Build a portfolio of ideas

– Learn the software

– Try for internships

– Search for jobs

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