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What does a creative director do?

Creative directors are the people with the ideas and imagination behind a successful business. They are in charge of the creative process  and manage/guide the creative people that work for them. 

What’s a creative director good at?

Creative directors are:

– Creative

– Good managers with open mindsets

– Good with numbers and people

– Able to multi-task across multitudes of projects

– Good at generating ideas

Tools of the trade/required knowledge

  1. A broad knowledge of the world to help develop ideas
  2. A comprehension of all the tools of design

Who does a Creative Director work with?

Creative directors work with designers, copywriters, sales teams and marketers.

How do I become a creative director?

A degree in Fine Art and/or Graphic Design can stand you in good stead and a portfolio also carries great weight. Working your way up the company is often the route in.

At school or college:

Good subjects to take in school/college: Art & Design, Art History.

Career tips:

– Build a portfolio

– Network: getting to know people opens doors

– Eat and breathe pop culture, art history and design history.

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