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Digital designer

Level entry/mid | Also known as: junior designer/digital graphic designer

What does a digital designer do?

Similar to graphic designers, digital designers use creativity and problem solving to design visuals for an electronic/technology-based environment. This ranges from websites to special effects for film.

What’s a digital designer good at?

Digital designers:

– are good with technology

– are creative and have an eye for colours, shapes and fonts

– can find solutions to problems

– have a good imagination and

– have an interest in the world around them

Tools of the trade/required knowledge

  1. Understanding of colour and how people react to different colours
  2. Understanding of fonts and how people react to fonts
  3. A good knowledge of technology specific to field, e.g. websites
  4. Creativity

Who does a digital designer work with?

Digital designers work with account managers, sometimes clients and tech-operators, e.g. coders for websites.

How do I become a digital designer?

You can take a degree in graphic design, digital design or digital art.

At school or college:

Good subjects to take in school/college: Art, IT.

Top universities for digital design

– Loughborough University [BSc (Hons) Graphic Communication & Illustration]

– University of Reading [BA (Hons) Graphic Communication]

– Leeds College of Art [BA (Hons) Graphic Design]

Career tips:

– Build a portfolio of ideas

– Learn software

– Try for internships

– Get a degree

– Search for jobs

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