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What does a project manager do?

Project managers look after the delivery of projects, both small and large. They ensure a project is finished on time and that no-one spends too much money. They have an understanding of the area of design they work in and make sure the project is kept on track.

What’s a project manager good at?

Project managers:

– are good at managing people

– are organised and disciplined

– are structured with their approach

Tools of the trade/required knowledge

  1. Project management qualification such as PRINCE2
  2. Knowledge/degree in the type of design they’ll be working in

Who does a project manager work with?

Project managers work with designers, artworkers and the clients.

How do I become a project manager?

An ideal way to become a project manager within design is to become a designer first and then take additional qualifications within project management.

At school or college:

Good subjects to take in school/college: Art & Design, Business & Economics.

Career tips:

PRINCE2 and other project management qualifications are offered in many guises. You can take a project management qualification within a week.

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