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AI, Web3 and design | Brighton

DBA members, join us in Brighton to discuss the topic of AI and Web3 in design, dissecting the latest developments and their implications for your business and team.

Brighton | Tuesday 4 July, 14:45-17:30 | The Vine Club

Undoubtably this is a vast topic on everyone’s minds at the moment and one that impacts all areas of our lives. So, whether you’re a Web3 expert or using ChatGPT to help with tonight’s dinner, we want to bring you together and get under the skin of what it means in relation to the design industry.

DBA Chair and Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Else, Warren Hutchinson, will lead the way, guiding you through the critical areas that matter in design. Jeremy Keith, Founder at Clearleft will explore what the technology is good for, what it’s useless at, and what’s with all the hype, and Andy Sexton, Partner & Executive Creative Director at 2LK will share what new opportunities are emerging as clients are looking for designers to articulate their AI journey.

You’ll have the opportunity to share your perspectives, debate what the latest developments mean for the industry and meet local members in your area.

Join the DBA in person this summer as we get under the skin of the topics everyone is talking about. Each event will provide knowledge, discussion, and insight through a mix of informative talks from industry experts, interactive sessions, and member case studies. An important part of bringing our members and the design community together face-to-face will be the chance to network and share ideas with your peers in your local area. These events are open to all team members from DBA member businesses, so bring your colleagues along. If you’re interested in getting a taste of what DBA membership has to offer, join us and your peers in your local area.

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Warren Hutchinson, DBA Chair and Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Else

Warren has been working within the emergent digital disciplines of design for over 20 years and has built a career working at the intersection between people, brands and technology working with a diverse set of global clients. He has always been fascinated by the design challenges presented by digital, the need to have a solid grasp of emerging technology while maintaining empathy for the target beneficiary audience.

Warren will cut through the noise around AI and Web3 and focus on what’s important for the design industry. He’s got his finger on the pulse of the latest developments and he’ll drill into what they mean for how you run your businesses and how they might impact your clients.

Jeremy Keith, Founder, Clearleft

Jeremy is one of the founders of the design transformation agency, Clearleft. He’s the curator of the UX London conference and he also hosts the Clearleft podcast.

Jeremy spends most of his time goofing about on the internet and documenting his time-wasting on, where he has been writing for more than twenty years. He also plays traditional Irish music on the mandolin, and slide bouzouki in the rock band, Salter Cane.

Jeremy will cover what Web3 means (spoiler: it doesn’t mean anything), and the multiple definitions of ‘AI’. Once we get past the confusing and inaccurate terminology, we can concentrate on the more practical aspects of machine learning and large language models: What is this technology good for? What is this technology useless at? And what’s with all the hype?

Andy Sexton, Partner & Executive Creative Director 2LK

Andy is Partner and ECD at 2LK, leading multi-award winning creative, strategic and experimental work for pioneering tech businesses like Intel, Salesforce, Canon and TikTok. He’s a natural ally for ambitious leaders who recognise the power of exceptional experiences to create brilliant brands. He leverages a thirst for creativity, craft and emerging technology to shape 2LK’s unique role in pioneering the future of experience marketing.

Andy will talk about his studios ongoing explorations with AI – from post-production tools to visual prototyping technologies – as well as discussing the imperative to stay ahead of client needs in this fast moving space. There’s a lot of new project opportunities emerging as brands are looking for design-led storytelling support around their own ongoing advances.


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