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Fear of moving on: how creative bravery is the answer to the worst kind of FOMO.

Creative freedom is predicated on creative bravery. The thing that stops us being brave is fear. Fear of upsetting the client, the customer, the consumer, our bosses. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of our own potential.

The real FOMO is a fear of moving on, not a fear of missing out. Right now we have no choice. We have to move on. The problem with the unknown is that it is unknown, but creativity doesn’t flourish in safe spaces. The world needs fearless creativity, it needs designers.

Based on his acclaimed workshop Mark will talk about the fear of moving on, about how creativity is the only way to move forwards, and why creativity without purpose is not creativity at all.

Join us for this free live webinar and live up to the reputation that you have for being the best problem solvers in the world.

13.00-14.00 on Friday 3 July. Register here.

About Mark Shayler

image002Mark Shayler is a founding partner of the Do Lectures, author of “Do Disrupt: Change the status quo or become it”, owner of sustainable innovation consultancy Ape and a failed rugby player. He’s saved his clients in excess of £120 million through thinking differently and has worked with the likes of Samsung, Coca Cola, Amazon, Mars, RS Components, and loads of great small businesses. In his spare time he makes smoked chilli sauce, keeps running ducks, makes sourdough bread, rides his bike and other middle-aged pursuits.


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