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HR and employment law webinars

DBA members benefit from free registration to a wide range of webinars delivered by our HR and employment law partner, Croner. 

Hosted by knowledgeable and renowned professionals in their respective fields, Croner’s Webinar & E-Learning sessions cover HR and health & safety basics, right through to specialised training sessions including relevant legislation and key case law. 

Simply quote the DBA scheme number, which can be found in the Members’ Area, when registering. 

July webinar schedule

maddi-bazzocco-50u9zyehnu4-unsplash-copyEmployee complaints: How to handle grievances  | 10am to 11am 3rd July | 10am to 11am 4th July

  • Key steps in grievance handling
  • The codes of practice you should follow
  • The difference between harassment and grievance
  • The main risks of not following the right procedures

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Basic employment practise | 10am to 11am 10th July | 10am to 11am 11th July 

  • Recruitment procedures
  • Effective employee management
  • Employee performance: promoting productivity and addressing any
    conduct issues
  • Termination of employment: fair decisions and procedures

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What’s new in employment law | 10am to 11am 17th July | 10am to 11am 18th July 

  • Government response to the Taylor Report
  • Paid bereavement leave
  • National Minimum Wages and charging for uniforms
  • Employment tribunal statistics
  • Employment status cases and forthcoming changes

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Zero hour contracts | 10am to 11am 24th July | 10am to 11am 25th July 

  • What is a zero-hour contract?
  • The benefits
  • What rights do zero-hours staff have?

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Remember to quote the DBA scheme number when registering, to access the webinar for free. 

View details of all July webinars: webinar-schedule-07-19-july-2019

August webinar schedule

stanislav-stajer-nm_hjdzp4ic-unsplashPractical risk assessment | 10am to 11am 2nd August 

  • What is a risk assessment?
  • Why you should complete risk assessments
  • How to complete risk assessments

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GDPR: Data subject rights | 10am to 11am 7th Aug | 10am to 11am 8th Aug

  • Obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations
  • Right of access
  • Compliance
  • Other rights of the Data Subject

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GDPR: HR perspective | 10am to 11am 14th Aug | 10am to 11am 15th Aug

  • An overview of obligations
  • Privacy notices and your commitment statement
  • Subject access requests
  • Data retention policies
  • Data Protection Officers

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Getting the most from appraisals | 10am to 11am 21st Aug | 10am to 11am 22nd Aug

  • The benefits of appraisals
  • How to conduct an effective appraisal
  • Effective objectives
  • The need for appropriate forms and documentation

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Slips, trips and falls | 10am to 11am  30 August

  • What does the law say?
  • Key statistics and observations
  • Causes and controls
  • Employers’ duties 

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Remember to quote the DBA scheme number when registering, to access the webinar for free. 

View details of all August webinars: webinar-schedule-08-19-august-2019

September webinar schedule

scott-webb-obkbq4z3cua-unsplashContracts of employment – The basics | 10am to 11am 4th Sept |  10am to 11am 5th Sept

  • Define what is meant by a ‘Contract of Employment’
  • Understand the legalities of a ‘Contract of Employment’
  • Understand the ‘terms’ of an employment contract
  • Understand how different types of contract require different terms

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Demystifying SSP |  10am to 11am 11th Sept |  10am to 11am 12th Sept

  • The 4 important checks to make before paying SSP
  • The documentation required to pay SSP
  • Common questions about SSP explained
  • An opportunity to ask questions

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Family friendly entitlements including shared parental leave |  10am to 11am 18th Sept |  10am to 11am 19th Sept

  • Entitlements of pregnant employees
  • Maternity, leave and pay
  • Adoption leave and pay
  • Ordinary paternity leave and pay
  • Shared parental leave and pay
  • Time off for dependents
  • Flexible working

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Lone Working |  10am to 11am 27th Sept 

  • Understand the employer’s duty of care to lone workers and consider some of the issues involved when assessing lone working 

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Remember to quote the DBA scheme number when registering, to access the webinar for free. 

View details of all September webinars: webinar-schedule-09-19-september-2019

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HR and employment helpline for DBA members

charisse-kenion-m-3qjn7ponm-unsplash-copyDBA members benefit from a free business support advice line operated by Croner, giving you unlimited access to a team of highly experienced, professional consultants who can provide practical, reliable HR and employment advice. 

Details available in the Members’ Area.


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