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Recommended reading on, and around, the subject of ‘Brand’

For those involved in the world of design and branding (in particular brand strategy) well-read DBA Member Paul Bailey put together a recommended reading list for those interested in bolstering their knowledge around the subject.

My Top Three

Let my people go surfing: the education of a reluctant businessman – Chouinard, Y (2005)

The story behind the popular outdoor gear company Patagonia, which has shown the world that there is more than one way to operate a success business.

More Bull More: behind the scenes in advertising – Bullmore, J

Those of us in the design sector should broaden our horizons and learn from some of the titans of advertising such as Jeremy Bullmore, former chairman of J. Walter Thompson.

The Power of Co-Creation: Build It with Them to Boost Growth, Productivity, and Profits – Ramaswamy, V. and Gouillart, F.J. (2010)

THE go-to book on co-creation.

On Brand:

The Rise of Brands – Moor, L. (2007)
Brands. Meaning and value in media culture – Arvidsson, A. (2006)
Brand Society. How Brands Transform Management and Lifestyle – Kornberger, M. (2010)
Brands: The Logos of the Global Economy – Lury, C. (2004)

Related topics:

Brand naming: the complete guide to creating a name for your company, product or service – Meyerson, R (2022)
Cultural strategy: using innovative technologies to build breakthrough brands – Cameron, D. & Holt, D. (2010)
Copywriting is: 30 or so thoughts on thinking like a copywriter – Boulton, A. (2021)
Asking for trouble – Cohen, J (2022)
How emotions are made: the secret life of the brain – Feldman Barrett, L (2018)
Why we buy: the science of shopping – Underhill, P. (1999)
The Rebel Sell: How the Counter Culture Became Consumer Culture – Heath, J. and Potter, A. (2006)
Authenticity – Brands, fakes, spin and the lust for real life – Boyle, D. (2004)
Beyond Culture – Hall, E. (1977)
The Third Wave – Toffler, A. (1980)
Niche Envy – Turow, J. (2006)
Consumer Culture – Lury, C
Understanding Media, the extensions of man – McLuhan, M. (1964)
Citizen Brands: Putting society at the heart of your business – Willmott, M. (2001)

About: Paul Bailey, Strategy Director, Halo Media Communications

Paul is active on both Linked In and Twitter where he often shares book reviews and his learnings from them.

You can connect with him here to find out what he is reading at the moment:

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