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Shout about it: expand your reach and win more new business

So you’ve won an award or completed an outstanding piece of work for a high profile client, how can you make the most of your hard work and capitalise on the good news so you can work on more similar projects?

Don’t just move immediately onto the next thing, take some time to think about how you can stretch out news like this to prove your expertise and raise your profile as a business. These ten tips will help you to expand your audiences and ultimately win more new business.

1  Before you start, collate a suite of visual assets ready for PR and marketing purposes that illustrate the project as best as possible, including uploading any film material to platforms such as Vimeo/YouTube and creating any GIFs or additional illustrations that might help tell the story of your project.

2  Share the news across all social media channels. Think about how you might share snippets of the project across a series of posts spread out across a week or so, each with its own visual and caption.

3  If it’s an award win, consider live-tweeting during the awards event itself, or at least sharing a few select bits of news from other winners, as well as the news of your own award win as and when it happens.

4  Write a short blog post about the project, or a series of posts exploring different aspects or challenges of the project and how you tackled them. You can share a link to this content via your personal and company’s LinkedIn and/or Twitter profiles once it’s live.

5  Harness the power and reach of your team’s social media presence by asking them to share and re-post content from your company’s central accounts and platforms.

6  Add your award win to your company’s email signature for a few weeks while the news is still fresh. It’s a thorough yet subtle way to spread the word.

7  Plan a home-page takeover on your website for a short time to celebrate the award win or completion of the project.

8  Consider the merits of writing and distributing a press release about the award win, potentially a joint release with your partners and/or clients to maximise the reach and media interest.

9  Think about any topical ‘macro’ issues that your project addresses that the wider sector might be interested in and consider writing a thought leadership piece about it. You could engage PR expertise to pitch it to a relevant media title or conduct the research internally.

10  Share the good news with relevant contacts on your mailing list and use the case to demonstrate your expertise in their sector, either in a newsletter or directly with clients and/or warm leads you might have with prospective clients in a similar field. Does this project open up any new sectors, territories or types of work? If so you could consider using the news to start conversations with brand new prospective clients in that space.

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