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Becoming a DBA Expert

The DBA Experts Register comprises design industry experts who provide fee-based professional advice. They are the people that the DBA turns to when we can’t answer a question from a member, or when a business needs some intensive support. They are also the first people we turn to when we are looking for thoughts and comments on complex issues. 

Each person on the register meets a series of key criteria that enables the DBA to recommend them to our members as experts in their field:

  • Experts must have a minimum of 3 years relevant design industry experience in their given area.
  • Experts must be able to provide us with 3 referees from within the last 3 years.
  • Experts are individuals, not companies.
  • Experts charge a fee for their consultative services. They do not supply products or systems and do not derive their business from commission.

How does it work?

DBA Experts are listed on our Experts Register and promoted as the leading consultants in their field for the design sector. They can be contacted directly via their profile page or introductions can be made to them by the DBA team.

The relationship with potential clients and DBA Experts is completely between the Expert and that individual or business. The DBA does not charge commission on fees or play any part in the setting of those fees. Some DBA Experts develop long-standing relationships over many years, others may run a single training session.

How do I join?

A one-off non-refundable registration fee of £250 plus vat covers the administration costs incurred in the vetting process. This involves us securing three references for you and developing your online profile within the DBA Experts Register. To initiate this process, email Adam Fennelowto arrange a meeting, or simply book in some time directly into his diary here. 

Only once your application is successful, and you are happy with the set-up of your profile will a start date be agreed.

There is an annual fee of £1,092 + vat. This can be paid in quarterly instalments of £273 + vat if preferable.

What do I get for my annual payment?

  • The DBA Expert Accreditation is valid for as long as you are a paid-up DBA Expert. The DBA Experts logo can be used on your website, email and promotional material. The logo will be sent to you before your profile becomes live.
  • Access to DBA Reports and the data they contain:
    • DBA Annual Survey Report giving full insight into financial benchmarking data allowing you to understand the issues facing our membership.
    • What Clients Think, based on interviews with 500 clients on the agency / client relationship.
  • Join the monthly DBA Members’ Forum online meetings discussing the issues relevant to those running design businesses.
  • Join bi-monthly virtual meetings to enable you to connect with your fellow DBA Experts and the DBA team. Cross-referrals with the Experts network is an import element of individuals being able to offer advice into their clients.
  • Access to selected DBA member exclusive webinars. 
  • Free attendance to Annual General Meeting (AGM). 
  • Opportunities to write thought leadership articles and guides for the DBA website and ezine newsletter.
  • Sharing and promoting your work through social media posts (Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram/Facebook).
  • Year-round marketing campaign from the DBA promoting the DBA Experts Register as a resource for design agencies.
  • Subscription to the DBA newsletter Insight, keeping you in touch with all our thought leadership. 
  • Access to DBA staff for conversations around the state of the industry, issues affecting design businesses and opportunities for you within the membership. 

Does that sound good to you?

If so, let’s get the ball rolling. Contact Adam Fennelow to discuss it further. Join the expert community working to bolster our design industry and start making valuable connections today. 


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