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‘What Clients Think’ report: the annual snapshot of client/agency relationships

The 10th annual ‘What Clients Think’ report by Up to the Light was launched at a DBA webinar on 28 March 2024. Based on 675 in-depth client interviews, the report gives a unique view into client/agency relationships. 

Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive Officer, DBA

“Produced by Up to the Light, in association with the DBA, the ‘What Clients Think’ report is an indispensable tool for anyone who delivers or commissions design. If you’re agency-side, it will arm you with inside knowledge of what your clients want from you this year. While for those client-side, it’s a unique opportunity to see how your concerns and priorities compare to your peers.

To mark its tenth incarnation, this year’s report also provides a look back across the last decade, covering a time before Covid and even the EU Referendum. Think how much our businesses have been through and changed since then. What trends have unfolded and what can we learn from them to strengthen our client/agency relationships now and in the future?”

Access the report

Download your copy of the 2024 ‘What Clients Think’ report, stay ahead of the latest industry trends and understand how they impact how you work.


The report is packed with fascinating and useful insight about clients’ expectations and concerns, their relationships with agencies, their views on agency new business activity, pitches, websites, marketing content and more.


It is divided into three sections:


The client world: looking at wider client pressures and concerns, which impact the way in which they operate. 


Winning clients: looking at agency new business activity and pitching. 


Retaining and growing clients: covering client service and development issues.

Watch a recording of the report launch

During the webinar we were joined by report author Jonathan Kirk from Up to the Light, digging underneath the report’s statistics to explore both the long-term trends over the last decade, and the important new challenges facing both clients and agencies.


DBA members have exclusive access to webinar recordings and can catch up on the 2024 ‘What Clients Think’ report launch webinar here.

Watch a snippet from the launch

Further resources for DBA members

Jonathan Kirk, Up to the Light

The Report’s author Jonathan Kirk also joined us for our April Members’ Forum to discuss how agency/client relationships are evolving, delving further into the report’s findings. You can read a summary of the conversation here


Get in touch – if you are a DBA member who would like to talk through issues you are facing, or if you are interested in becoming a member to attend monthly Members’ Forum such as this, you can schedule time in the DBA Membership Director’s Adam Fennelow’s diary.

World Class Client Service: DBA online workshop with Jonathan Kirk

Great client service will put your business ahead of the competition. 


This in-depth two part training workshop, with ‘What Clients Think’ report author Jonathan Kirk, is grounded in the exclusive knowledge gained from hundreds of client interviews conducted on behalf of design agencies.


You’ll explore what clients really need from their agencies, how you can meet and exceed those expectations and how to use that as the foundation for your relationships.


Thursday 25 April and Tuesday 30 April, 10.30-12.00 online. Find out more and book your place > 

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Up to the Light

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