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What does a UX designer do?

UX designers focus on the experience a consumer has. They look at how something works and how people interact with it and then decide whether it works well.

What’s a UX designer good at?

UX designers:

– think logically

– analyse data, and

– can break down a problem into smaller parts to help find a solution

Tools of the trade/required knowledge

  1. An understanding of what kind of products and services people buy and the way they interact with them
  2. An ability to research a project thoroughly

Who does a UX designer work with?

UX designers often work with UI designers (who look at the part of the product the customer sees). UX designers often report to an art director or creative director.

How do I become a UX designer?

A degree in Fine Art and/or Graphic Design can stand you in good stead but a portfolio of your work also carries great weight.

At school or college:

Good subjects to take in school/college: Art & Design, IT.

Career tips:

Build a portfolio that shows work processes from end to end.

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