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Creative UK Group appoints DBA CEO to UK Council

The Creative UK Group has announced the newly appointed members of its UK Council, including DBA Chief Executive Deborah Dawton.

With members drawn from across each UK nation and region, as well as the full spectrum of creative sub-sectors, the UK Council plays a vital role in determining and shaping the Creative UK Group’s impact priorities, steering policy positions and sharing crucial insights from across industry and the UK.

Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO, Creative UK Group, said: “We are very excited to announce the newly appointed members of our UK Council, whose breadth of experience and expertise will be enormously valuable in driving our mission to ensure the best possible conditions for the growth and success of the creative industries. Representing freelancers, practitioners and businesses both big and small, they reflect the diversity and creativity that is central to what makes our sector thrive.” 

Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive, Design Business Association says: “I’m delighted to be joining the UK Council of the Creative UK Group, and to be working with like-minded organisations and individuals to further the interests of our amazing creative industries which deliver so much to the UK economy and society at large.

If we want to remain a nation that continues to lead the world in creativity, then we need to champion the sector and attract the very best talent into it. Creativity isn’t only about encouraging talented individuals to become the world’s best product designers, musicians, artists, games designers, fashion designers, architects, film makers, interior designers, app designers, advertisers, theatre set designers, photographers, and many more; it’s also about attracting passionate individuals into the support roles which enable designers and creators to flourish.

Awakening a desire in all of us to consume creativity is also fundamental. Switching off has perhaps never been more important to everyone than it is now. Imagine that moment without music, without theatre, without paintings, without making, without bars and restaurants, without apps, without websites, without all your favourite products, without all the things which have been created to fill that space – depressing isn’t it!

We’re at a crossroads in the UK. And it’s imperative we take the right path to ensure the best possible conditions for the growth and successes of the creative industries. That’s the mission for Creative UK Group and I look forward to working with all the UK Council members to help drive positive change through action to awaken creativity for all.”

Browse all the UK Council Members here. 

Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation have come together to form the Creative UK Group. The two companies merged in 2020, making a greater difference together than would be possible alone. They work to connect, support, champion and invest in the UK’s world-leading Creative Industries. 

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