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DBA Members’ Forum | March summary

In the latest DBA Members’ Forum we had an illuminating conversation about the current world of work and if there’s something about the dynamic of creative practice that should determine how and where we work.

Here’s a summary of the conversation we had.

  • What’s good for individuals, the business, and creativity might be different, and at odds with each other.
  • One member was particularly struck by the ambient learning that younger recruits don’t get when people aren’t in the studio. 
  • They talked about creative ideas needing persistence, and the nuances you pick up in body language that come from bouncing off each other in-person. They were concerned that as an industry selling people and ideas, could fully remote work have a negative effect on the work we create, and wondered if we were losing ideas that will take us from being just a good agency to being an outstanding one. 
  • For another member, they found their creative directors struggling with working online in the long-term, and what they really needed was time together in-person. Rather than making certain days in the office compulsory, they worked to create an experience that people wanted to come in for. Adding kitchen staples to their weekly shop, the team enjoy lunches together, and for people experiencing financial pressures that makes a difference.
  • There was a discussion around the importance of leadership teams showing up and setting a positive example and mindset. 
  • In-studio experiences also included agency-wide training – Laughology were recommended for all-team in-person training sessions on positivity and adopting a growth mindset.
  • We covered the importance of connection and how shared stories build community and purpose where people feel they belong – something that appears to remain important to us all no matter what age – I recommended this show to watch – purpose and community are among the things that will keep us alive for longer.
  • One member has purposely recruited high-energy individuals who thrive on social connection, one of whom has become a cheerleader for being in the studio and that’s helped the whole team see the importance of this.
  • There were suggestions around creating a studio space that is welcoming and well designed – this is especially important for those who might not have the space at home to comfortably work. 
  • Yet another member is working almost exclusively remotely with colleagues and feels more connected to their team than they ever have before – note the team is six people and all are senior.

Our Members’ Forum takes place on the first Monday of each month, at 4 – 5pm. If you would like to attend, get in touch here

Our next Members’ Forum will be taking place on Monday 3 April at 4pm BST.


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