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Design Community Hub goes live with Guild platform

Created at the height of the pandemic as a response to its impact on young designers’ careers, the Design Community Hub (DCH) digital platform is now live.

Built on community messaging site Guild, the hub aims to create careers and skills opportunities for young designers by connecting them to industry leaders who can share knowledge and forge new collaborations.

It also offers a network of support and guidance through access to webinars, mentoring schemes and internships.

“We are really excited to announce that the DCH is now live on Guild,” says Claire Blyth, DCH co-founder and Managing Director of Red Setter. “It’s a really easy messaging platform to use; it’s free and most importantly it provides a direct way for young designers to connect and benefit from the expertise of industry leaders who have been kind enough to put their support behind the DCH and its goals of connecting the industry and keeping it alive.”

Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive, Design Business Association and DCH co-founder, adds, “Right now it’s never been more important for the design industry to come together. For agency leaders, the DCH is a great way of giving back via mentoring, portfolio reviews, skills sharing and internships.

“For young designers having access to some of the industry’s leading founders and creatives who are willing to share their time is huge, never seen before on this scale and commitment. The support we continue to receive to grow the DCH and what it can offer is hugely inspiring for all of us involved.”

The DCH founders would like to thank all the agencies it has worked with already. The hub is still welcoming more support, either through time or financial contributions.

More information is on the DCH hub here and through the Guild mobile app’s groups section.

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