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The DBA is a vibrant community of design consultancies and design-driven businesses – a powerful alliance shaping the future of design in business.

With a membership of over 450 businesses, the DBA is a valuable network, support and voice for all those involved in the delivery, commissioning and management of design who share a common commitment to operate at the highest standards of professional practice.

We support the development and growth of you, your team, your business and brand. We facilitate enlightening interactions with your peers and communicate the value of your work. Isn’t it time you joined us?

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About The DBA

Founded in 1986, the Design Business Association (DBA) champions the transformative power of design, promoting its strategic and economic value to business and government. As the industry’s trade association we represent a vibrant community of design consultancies and design-driven businesses.

The DBA is a powerful representative body focused on supporting our members’ businesses; committed to shaping a positive future for all those working in the field of design and passionate about bringing design and business ever closer together to deliver the greatest returns.

The bridge between design and business – there is no other organisation like the DBA. We galvanise the sector, working with our members to raise professional standards across the industry and to enable the full commercial, strategic and economic potential of design to be realised throughout business and government.

We have no hidden agenda. Your membership fee is reinvested in helping to shape a better future for your business and for the industry at large.

Together, with our members, we are the collective voice for design.

members at eventOur Members

Within the DBA membership we boast not only some of the best creative businesses in the world, but also some of the most progressive global brands. Our members sit in design agencies and FTSE 100 businesses; what they have in common is a belief in excellence, of good working practices and a commitment to effective design.

Our Member Map will show you which DBA members are operating near you. You can find out more about each of our design agency members and the expertise they can bring to your business in the DBA Directory. Our design leadership group is an exclusive network of progressive design-driven businesses, which value and invest in design to great effect. Members include Airbus, BBC, Diageo, GSK, HSBC, LEGO, Skyscanner and Waitrose amongst others.

DD Deborah ceo panelOur History

Founded in 1986, at a time of rapid advancement for the sector, a group of industry leaders identified the need for a trade body to help steer and sustain the rising reputation and growth of design, by helping drive up professional standards across the sector and to create greater awareness within business of the strategic and commercial value of design.

The Design Business Association (DBA) was born; the trade association for all those working in the field of design.

Today the UK design sector is the second largest in the world and the largest design industry in Europe. UK design is world leading, revered both for its creative quality and its commercial effectiveness. At its hub is the DBA – a dynamic network of design consultancies and design-driven businesses, employing in excess of 7000 staff.

The Association’s founding aims are still fundamental to the work we do today and our commitment to promoting the use of design at a strategic level to solve business and societal challenges has never been more relevant than it is now.

Meet the DBA team.


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