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Merry Christmas from the DBA

With Christmas nearly upon us, how will the DBA team be spending it? Here are a few recommendations from us to you, for indulging the Christmas spirit (or two!) this year.

“We’re gearing up to watch the next series of His Dark Materials in my house this Christmas, with a few Aldi’s mince pies thrown in for good measure. ‘Big on taste, low on price’ (or am I mixing my supermarket slogans?). And the family version of Cards Against Humanity comes highly recommended too. The original adult game can cut close to the bone, but the kid friendly version is suitable for all ages and will have the whole family in hysterics.”

“The week before Christmas is always full-on in my house but there is one thing that keeps us the right side mellow and it’s Classic FM. Put the radio on first thing in the morning in the kitchen and leave it on all day. You’ll be humming along to carols in no time. Favourite activity has got to be a cold walk – but don’t ask anyone else about the route. It’ll delay your departure by at least half an hour! Pick your favourite walk, and take the lead!”

“Over-eaten and in danger of nodding off? Watch The Bear on Disney+ for an intense, brilliant and emotional ride. There’ll be no napping during this (not kid-friendly) TV show, which will find you calling ‘Behind (You)!’ while prepping your Christmas Dinner. Then take a Shot in the Dark – a simple, easy and great fun quiz game. No one needs to know the answer, levelling the playing field for all ages.”

“Why not rustle up this fun festive cocktail and pop on Elf? I always feel it’s not Christmas until I’ve watched it. And here’s a recommendation to help others this winter – you can donate a Christmas meal or a place to stay for a homeless person, and you can group together and do more than one too.”

“I’ve got two Christmas TV suggestions – a classic favourite is ‘The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation’ the over cooked turkey is always a family joke on Christmas Day. One that’s not Christmassy but just great is Bad Sisters on Apple TV. Dark and funny, perfect with a Baileys and a mince pie. Watch the opening credits and you’ll be hooked. I’d also recommend going for a Christmas day run after a lovely big breakfast and presents. Everyone’s really jolly and says merry Christmas (unusual for London) and it means I’m actually hungry for lunch.”

“I’d recommend indulging in some Venezuelan Hallacas from Arepa & Co with Baileys on ice. And if you’re a fan of the Addams Family, watch Wednesday on Netflix – it’s awesome.”

“As an Agatha Christie and pub quiz fan, this has been recommended to me as a perfect escapism book for some festive downtime in front of the fire. And for a new take on Dickens’ Christmas Carol check out this Southbank Show which gives it a Dolly Parton country twist.”

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, from all of us at the DBA – Adam, Deborah, Hannah, Holli, Natasha, Ramiro, Sally and Sarah.

Image credit: Marina Hannah | Unsplash


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